Real Mom-ish, formerly known as The Modern Moms Club, launched May 2018. Shanophia and Yanna both have had their experiences in personal blogging but never seemed to get past the startup. It wasn’t until they found their common niche that they began to create RMI.

RMI is a platform for new, expecting, and experienced moms to seek and give advice to assist them along their parenting journey. They cover from conception till your little one is well into their teens years and everything mom needs along the way. They discuss topics moms have questions needing answers to every day.

Yanna and Shanophia actually met in college, where they became great friends. Through the years, they each have taken different routes in life, but one thing commonly ties them together, and that's motherhood. They have always leaned on one another for advice. After realizing there are moms just like them with the same questions; RMI was conceived.

The most unique thing about RMI is it’s written by two moms with entirely different stories. It shows that no matter the circumstance, beliefs, views, etc. motherhood is one thing, all of us moms have in common. This is what fuels the purpose of RMI and what aids bringing all moms together in one space.

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