Fall Fun with Eckert's Farm

eckert’s farm.

Fall is by far one of my favorite seasons for many reasons. I love the weather, the color changing of the leaves, fall fashion, hot comfort meals, EVERYTHING. Now that I am a mother to three boys traditions such as visiting pumpkin patches, trunk-or-treats and trick-or-treating are the activities and memories I look forward too as well.

Fall Fun with Eckert's Farm

Visiting Eckert’s Farm in the fall season has been a tradition in my family for years. Since having my own family, we kept the tradition going and my kids love it!

We have always picked going to the farm in Millstadt, IL. However, they have other locations in Grafton, IL, and Belleville, IL that are just as nice. 

One of the great things about Eckert's  Farm is that they are open all year around providing different activities such as picking Christmas trees, strawberry picking, peach picking and then our favorite, apple picking. Therefore, you can create a tradition EVERY YEAR and EVERY season.

The reasons I like to take my sons to Eckert’s every year is for the memories. I love to capture them growing, playing, and having fun on the Farm. There are a handful of activities for them to watch or participate in such as carnival rides, a pig race, going through the corn maze, etc.  One of my personal favorites is booking a firepit and inviting all of our family and friends to join us on the farm. 

With the fire pit, we usually roast marshmallows for smores and hot dogs.  Someone will make a batch of chili and bring a canister of hot chocolate to keep us warm in the cool fall night. We will sit near the fire on the haystack "seats" that are provided and have a great time.

This year we decided not to book a firepit. However, we still made our yearly farm visit and let our boys have fun and participate in the other activities they love.

By far my boy's favorite activities are picking apples and going to the pumpkin patch.  Why pick apples you ask? It’s merely for the experience. My sons had way more fun picking the apples from a tree then a cart at the grocery store, also I got to capture great candids of them doing so.  Not only do they get to pick them but they get to decide what to do with them when we get home.  Will we make apple pie? Caramel Apples? Or eat them as is.  The best part about it is they get to enjoy eating apples picked fresh by them.

The pumpkin patch is a great way to show your little ones how pumpkins grow.  The farmers can explain to your little ones the process it takes to produce each pumpkin.  Therefore, it is a fun learning experience for your child(ren) and a great time to catch amazing candids of them.  Nothing beats watching them run through the field eagerly trying to find the perfect pumpkin to carve for Halloween.

I love going Eckert’s Farm for my own personal memories and fun with my family I love all that Eckert’s have done and are doing in the St. Louis region.

#PickKindness #CoreValues

Eckert’s farms teaches children about Picking Kindness and Core Values, no pun intended. As part of Eckert's fall campaign to encourage people to #pickkindness and teach kids about #corevalues and the food that grows in our region--like healthy, delicious apples--they're spreading joy through apple giveaways, community pop-ups and the newly announced Eckert’s Core Values Academy for Kids.   

You can learn more about Eckert's and their fall campaign here:



Their next event will be held October 14 - The St. Louis Pizza Square Off (11:30am-6:30pm, RSVP on Facebook).

Eckert’s Farm.

If you are located in the St. Louis area make sure you check out Eckert’s Farm during ALL seasons. If you are not in the St. Louis area plan a trip one of these years and check out this amazing farm and other great things St. Louis has to offer. If you are a Eckert’s Farm regular let me know below what you love about the farm and the activities you and your little ones participate in I would love to hear !

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