A Dad-to-Be Takes Bump Bonding to A Creative Level

There are plenty of ways a dad-to-be can bond with his unborn child, activities like reading to the belly, playing music, talking, etc. This dad-to-be, Steven, has taken it to an even cuter level by painting a picture for their baby on his fiance’s (Bianca) belly.

  * Studio Audience * awwwwwwwwww.

Adorably cute paintings such as Tommy Pickles from Rugrats to a classic like Winnie The Pooh. Check out Bianca and Stevens cute story on how they met and his inspiration behind painting pictures for Baby Steven.



MMC: How did you two meet? Tell us your journey.

B: I met my fiancé in a bar when I was 21 years old. When I first saw him I knew he was the one I wanted to be with. I even told his cousin I was going to be with him one day.

We hung out that night and many nights after. I wanted more of a relationship and he did not. I left it as friends and signed up for the military in 2015. I left and was gone for 3 months. I ended up fracturing my pelvis and came home for a month to recover. I saw Steven walking holding another girls hand and he saw me and dropped her hand so fast. I ignored him and kept walking. 5 minutes later I got a text from him saying “hey” I also ignored the text. I was kinda hurt by what I saw. He texted me the next day and said “so your back” all I said was “yup”. He asked if we can meet up and I agreed. We talking for hours then I went home and got ready to leave again for the military.

I left again for another 5 months and got a text from him saying he wanted to be with me. He said this to me so many times that I just didn’t believe him. I ended up ignoring it and went on with my recovery. I ended up being medically released from the military and was on my way home. We stayed friends and talked on and off. Every time he was in a relationship we stopped talking or every time I was in one we stopped. But once we were both single we would meet up and just have a great time.


Well in 2018 he messaged me on Facebook and I replied back. We started going to the gym together every single day. We ended up getting really fit together then in March he asked me to be his girlfriend. A month later we found out we were having a baby. I was so scared because we haven’t been dating long but I knew my heart wanted him. I was scared beyond scared to tell my family but he was with me every step of the way. He even helped me put together a little gift box with a onesie inside that said “guess what” to give to my family. Once we told everyone they were beyond happy.

In August on my birthday we found out we were having a baby boy that we are naming after his daddy. “Baby Steven” that day Steven also decided he wanted me forever and asked me to marry him at our reveal party in front of my family and his. Now we are 29 weeks and counting and we are very excited to meet our little boy in 2019.

MMC: What inspired you to start painting your fiance's belly?

S: What inspired me, was my fiancée. That inspired me she opened my eyes and showed me that I had a talent and that I should show off, not only making it a special moment but showing me still have a creative side. 

MMC: How long does it take for you to complete a session?

S: To complete a session really depends on what I’m drawing but usually a session takes me no longer than an hour and half 

MMC: What do you do while he's painting?

B: I normally lay propped up against my pillow. Steven puts on a movie for me and I normally fall asleep.

MMC: What do you do when the painting is done?

B: Steven wakes me up and helps me get up so he can take a picture for us to print out and put into his baby book 

MMC: Who comes up with the portrait?

B:I came up with the first painting of pooh bear and then he came up with the others. Our family started making requests and he started doing what people requested ️

How is belly painting a special moment for you?

B: It’s bonding between all of us  the baby kicks and we feel like he’s playing with his daddy when he’s painting.

S: It’s a special moment because it feels like I’m having quality time with my son and it relaxes my fiance. 

MMC: How will you incorporate painting once your little one is here?

B: We will definitely be doing lots of arts and crafts. Both mommy and daddy are very crafty. 

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Here’s the lovely paintings done for Baby Steven.