No I Will NOT Cut My Sons Hair

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I love-love-love hair. Curly hair, kinky hair, straight hair, long hair, short hair. All hair! When I found out I was pregnant with a boy, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to let his hair grow out long. I am a big fan of boys with long hair.

I think my obsession with boys and hair came from my upbringing on the reservation. I attended powwow in my childhood, and native men grew their hair out long and proud. They would put them in long single braids to the back, and I thought it was beautiful.

I always told myself that I would let my son's hair grow until he asked for a haircut and that is what I did. Throughout his first three years of his life, I always would hear remarks like.

“Cut his hair.”

“When are you going to cut his hair.”

“I hate man buns why do you keep giving him them.”

“He needs a haircut so he won’t look like a girl.”

“He looks like a girl.”

Or the infamous random stranger complimenting my son telling him how beautiful of a little girl he was (even when his attire screamed “little boy”). Then I would have to politely correct them with a fake smile and say “thanks, but he’s a boy.”

And so forth. Of course, I got tired of the comments, but that wasn’t enough to cut my son’s hair! BOYS HAVE HAIR GET OVER IT!

Who made the rules that boys should only have short cuts and girls should have long hair anyway? Sick of it!

I finally caved in and gave my son half of a haircut (that he agreed too), to provide him with something new and different. Not because of the comments other people spewed from time to time. Because I absolutely wanted to give him a new look.

I can honestly say I regretted it two months later and luckily he was up to growing his hair back.

With all this being said if a mother (and father) chooses to grow their son's hair LET THEM. It is not your business to tell them wHaT StYlE a LiTtLe bOy ShOuLd hAvE.  MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

Boys can have hair. Long hair. Short Hair. Medium Length Hair. Colored hair. There are no rules to this!

Let us normalize boys with hair. Let’s Normalize boys being able to express themselves with their hair.

Let’s leave parents alone when it comes to the hair that grows out of THEIR CHILD’S SCALP.

Another thing, let’s teach our CHILDREN that some boys have long hair. I cannot tell you how many stories I have heard from my friends about their sons being picked on for having hair.  FOR HAVING HAIR. Something as normal as hair a child has to endure hateful slurs from their peers.

Teach your children how to be decent human being by being their example and having an open mind. 

Thank you


A mom with a son with hair down his back.

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