Dear Single Person STOP Using the Family Restroom!

We know the luxury of our single spacious bathrooms are appealing and usually available but STOP! There is nothing more irritating than when I am out in the mall or an airport, and I need to use the family restroom with my children, and it’s occupied. I sit and wait and finally walks out a man/woman by themselves.

“EXCUSE ME!!!!!! This is a family restroom!”


Family restrooms serve a huge purpose for those of us with children. It allows us to comfortably facilitate our children to go to the bathroom, change little one's diapers, and use the restroom for ourselves.  

When I’m out with my oldest son, I love the fact that I can take him to the restroom privately vs. having him go into the women’s bathroom or go into a men’s restroom alone. (Which I would never do until he is much older, personally.) 

I travel very often, monthly to be exact. When I travel I bring along my 6 month old and having available family restroom access in a busy airport is essential. My most recent trip I was in line for the family restroom with two other families behind me. After waiting for 10 minutes with a fussy baby with a loaded diaper out walks a guy, ALONE! No baby in arms or child following behind!


I couldn’t help but to say something to him because it was so rude to the families and me waiting with our inpatient little ones. 

“Sir are you serious we have been waiting in line with our children this is a family restroom please use the general men’s restroom next time how rude and inconsiderate.” I then proceeded to enter the restroom to care for my little one.

I honestly wanted to curse him out and call him all types of names, but again my baby was fussy and needed his diaper changed. 

Again, I know our spacious private bathroom looks appealing, but if you are alone this bathroom IS NOT for you! Do you understand how much of a bind you put us parents in who are looking to quickly take care of our children and get to our gate in a timely fashion or in the mall trying to wrap up a mall trip. The family bathroom is not for you to take a private #2 because you don’t want others to smell you. Next time carry a little travel freshener and flush the toilet! Our bathroom is not for you to use because you don’t want to stand in line for the general bathroom. In the airport, there is a bathroom at every five gates however there are only about five family restrooms in the entire airport or less for smaller airports. So next time find the next available restroom!



The angry mom with the fussy baby with a loaded diaper!