Christmas Eve Tradition

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I am a big believer in creating Christmas traditions my children will look forward to every year. Since I am not a big believer in encouraging my children to believe in Santa Claus (yeah I said it), I want to create other special memories that will give them excitement for the holiday season. (other than receiving gifts)

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I’ve read a few blogs about how families are choosing to be selfish on Christmas day by not visiting their extended family. With the main reason being how exhausting it is to house hop and not being able to truly enjoy the day with their little ones.

If that works for them, great! However, that could never work for me. I look forward to spending my holiday with all of my family members. For that reason, I decided to create a Christmas Eve tradition to spend time with my children and partner.

Christmas Eve is the day my family gets to celebrate uninterrupted before the chaos and house hopping begins on Christmas day.

So I thought to myself, “hmmmm.. what can I do with my family to make this day special".


Here is what I came up with.....


Sleep in. Enjoy the day off and the holiday.

Cook a BIG Christmas eve breakfast. Options galore. Eggs, Bacon, Pancakes, French Toast, Hash Browns, Grits, Biscuits, you name it!

Enjoy Breakfast with my family.


Pick something to do in the house, or outside the home that we all can enjoy.

My family loves playing board games so staying in I am more than sure we will have an AMAZING TIME. I love checking Facebook for events in the area, and anything Christmas themed we will attend upon popular vote.

Eat lunch of course because I’m sure we're going to be starving by then.

hot choco.png


Hot cocoa, one gift and Christmas movies. After dinner of course.

When I was a child, my mother allowed us to open one present on Christmas Eve. I always told myself that I would pass that tradition down to my children and I did.

My sons, along with my partner, are huge fans of Home Alone. So to end our night together watching a movie to put us in even more of holiday cheer is a great way to end our night.

Christmas Eve After Hours

After our boys go to bed, it is time for my partner and me to spend some us-time like we usually do. Instead of doing our usual we will probably end the night getting the tree prepared for the morning, along with listening to music and sipping our favorite drinks.

Going to bed at a reasonable time is important because we have a long day ahead of us. So ending the night with another movie, snuggled is more than likely the route we’ll choose.

Making traditions, your family looks forward too is what makes the holidays even better. Christmas Eve traditions is a win-win for you to enjoy your little ones as well as your extended family on christmas day.

What are some of your christmas traditions you or your little ones look forward too?