What To Get the Entrepreneur In Your Life For Christmas

What To Get the Entrepreneur In Your Life For Christmas #Entrepreneur #EntrepreneurChristmas #giftgiving

Christmas time is a great time to bless the entrepreneur in your life and trust me they'll appreciate you for it. BIG TIME.

Being an entrepreneur is hard mentally, physically, and emotionally. Nothing beats how hard it is financially. Unless you have a wealthy grandparent that willing blessed you with a gift of a business loan. IT’S HARD.

Most Entrepreneurs I know started with a few dollars in their pockets, including myself.

So this holiday season I am going to help you treat that hard working man or woman in your life.

Massage Gift Card

Remember how I said that being an entrepreneur is hard on you mentally and physically? What better way to melt away lousy energy and relax a person than a trip to get a massage? This gift card will come in handy more than you know it.

Coffee Gift Card

Most entrepreneurs I know fuel off of coffee or tea. Coffee shops are a bad financial decision ( that most of us are guilty of) and we should put those coins into our business rather than an expensive coffee shop. But there is just something about a caramel macchiato steam extra hot that keeps our blood pumping. So now you have to figure out is your entrepreneur a Starbucks, Caribou or Kaldis person?

Food Gift Card

A few entrepreneurs will tell you about a moment when they had to choose between eating or purchasing something for their business. A majority will tell you that they sacrificed their meal 90% (if not more) of the time. Having a food gift card will come in handy at the most random but appreciated moment for your boss lady/man.

A Yearly Planner

This item is tricky, a lot of the entrepreneurs I know are very particular when it comes to the planner they choose for the following year. If you want to bless them I HIGHLY suggest modeling it off of the last one they purchased, bring it up in conversation or keep your receipt. However, I know they will LOVE the thought put into it.

A New Notebook

Most people still like to jot their notes down and keep them on hand electronically. Having a new notebook is a great way to keep yourself organized and motivated. Pick a notebook with some personality, preferably one that matches theirs.

A Financial Blessing

Depending on what kind of business your entrepreneur runs a financial blessing may help out a lot. If your person makes items, I am more than sure they are in need of more products. Or maybe you’ve helped them to reach the amount they needed to purchase that new laptop they’ve been saving aggressively for months. You have to spend money to make money.

Positivity Jar

Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of down moments that come from having down months in revenue or missed opportunities. Buy a jar (target usually has them in their dollar section) write positive notes, fill the jar and present it as a gift. Tell your hard worker that whenever they are having a bad day, to reach into the jar and pull out a note for encouragement. Very inexpensive gift, but I promise you it will be the best one they receive.


Continuous love and support all year around! Working for yourself, especially if you are a one wo(man) team is hard. Constant love, support, and encouragement goes a long way, and the best part is IT’S FREE!

Of course, there are plenty of other gifts you can get the entrepreneur in your life this is just a list to get you started. Having a gift that caters to their day to day as an entrepreneur will make their holiday a bit more special.