How to Run a Business While Being a Great Mom

By Shanophia


Being a working mom is tough being a Mompreneur can be even tougher when an entire business depends on you. However, whether you are a business owner or working a full-time (or part-time) job while having little ones can be tough to balance. Although there is no secret recipe to balance it all I have a few tips from one Mompreneur to another to help you along the way.


I take my planner everywhere it helps me keep up with important dates like events, appointments, and business-related deadlines. I make it a big deal to keep an organized workspace as well at home, so supplies and items I need are easily accessible on demand for me. Wasting time looking for things is time taken away I could be spending with my children or completing a work task. I also keep everything on a mildly strict schedule so that I can remain on time and ensure I get the things I need to get done in a day done.


Remember that planner I take everywhere? Whether it's a physical planner where you have to write things down or even the calendar and notes app on your phone, making a plan for your week will help you stay on task. It is important to have scheduled times aside where you strictly handle work and where you spend time with the little ones and or your significant other. Remember even though you make a plan things happen so make sure your schedule is flexible.


The best part of owning your own business is you don’t have to stick with the traditional 9am-5pm schedule. Things that are urgent and need to be handled in person you may find easier to manage during “normal” business hours such as shipping items at your local post office, to taking meetings or returning phone calls. On the other end things like writing a blog post, creating an advertisement for your social media can be done at any time throughout your day you find a suitable time to do so.


As a hairstylist and salon owner and standing for almost 12 hours a day, by the end of the day, I am physically and mentally exhausted. What best helps me the next morning is pre-prepping for the next day. Setting out school clothes, checking over homework, preparing lunches, and planning breakfast. It helps to make the morning less stressful while trying to get an uncooperative six-year-old ready for school and getting myself ready.


Monday is my off day! I take the time to do things just for me such as doing my hair, going to get my nails done, sleeping in a little, or whatever I need to do to reset and recharge myself. Taking time out for yourself is very important for your sanity alone. Running a business and being a mom can be overwhelming so taking a mental and physical break ( at least until the school bus arrives at the end of the school day) is essential.

There are many other ways to help you balance the Mompreneur life these 5 for me are the most important. I’d love to hear what enables you to balance it all feel free to share below in the comments to help another Mom out!

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