Why Date Night is Important +5 Date Night Ideas

In the midst of parenting, work, and our daily routines we often end up putting our partners and our relationship on the back burner. 

Before my husband and I had our first child, we dated often. After the baby and as the years went by we rarely if at all, went on dates. This year we decided to commit to at least two date nights/days a month. Having our date nights is essential to our relationship as well as our sanity. To be able to be kid free for a few hours and enjoy each other is always refreshing. Dating even after you are married or in an established relationship has a few benefits. 


You/I Matter 

Taking the time to plan a date lets your partner know they are a priority. It’s your way of saying “you're important, and I want to spend time with you.” Plan to do things that you and your partner enjoy doing , or go out and experience something new together. 

Rekindle Romance

Having your alone time as a couple doing various activities outside of your day to day routine opens the door to intimacy. Remember it was during the dating phase you fell in love in the first place. Dating can be a healthy reminder of all those things that made you feel special and how/why you fell in love with one another. 

Teach by Example  

Remember your little one(s) are watching. Having a positive example of a relationship is important for your child(ren) to see and allow them to form standard expectations for their future dating life. 


Have a glass of wine or your favorite beer and unwind.  Take advantage of this time to let go of all that stresses of work and possible chaos at home. Wine time is the time to refresh yourselves mentally and emotionally. 


Date Ideas

Free Dating

Remember dating does not have to come with a large price tag. Many cities offer free activities you and your partner can attend such as outdoor concerts, festivals, etc.  Picnic's in the park never gets old! Grab your favorite finger foods, favorite drink an enjoy each other's FREE company. 

Spa Date

Spa's can be pretty pricey, but the relaxation of it is worth it.  However, if you are looking for a cheaper option, you can create one at home! Put the kids to bed or send them to their grandparent(s) and give each other massages and facials. Home Spa's are a great way to build intimacy, relax and feel/look great!  Why not add an additional glow! 

Happy Hour  

Happy hour is a great way to try new restaurants. Many places offer a designated time (usually late afternoon) where drink and food options are discounted. This is a perfect time to explore your city with your loved one.

Work Out Together  

Put on some “happy weight” recently? Working out together is a great way to build teamwork as you set and reach goals together. Also getting in shape doesn’t hurt! Go for a walk, attend an outside workout class. Nothing feels better than getting in shape together! 

Sip and Stroke  

Sipping and painting studios are popping up everywhere. You and your partner can enjoy a drink and create art together.  Hanging the art will remind you of a  GREAT time together along with adding an personal piece of art to your home. 

Now that you're done reading, go get to planning your next date! Tell us your date ideas in the comments!  

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