SIX Tips You Need To Have An Amazing Baby Shower


Invitations Set The MOOD!

There are plenty of ways to send invitations now and days. You can send physical invitations (which are my favorite), e-vites (via email), create an event on Facebook, or through text message. Either way, having a great invitation to present to your guest sets the mood.  It will make them feel like they cannot miss this event!  There are plenty of invitation services out there, along with millions of freelance designers. Seek out what best fits your needs/budget and set the mood right! 

Venue. Make Sure you have enough space! 

The first step to picking a venue is to make your guest list.  Make sure you include EVERYONE, even yourself, partner and child(ren). So you can get an idea of how many people will possibly attend and what size of a venue to rent. You want a venue big enough to fit your guest comfortably, a venue too big will create a sense of emptiness in the room, and a room to small will have people sitting on top of one another. In my experience I always picked a venue that fit the number of people on my list, nothing more or less. 

Food. Make sure your food is Delish! 

Most baby showers are around three hours long.  However you decide to feed your guest is up to you. I prefer a selection of finger foods and snacks but thats just me!  Whatever you decide to do make sure your options are delicious and your guest has a variety to choose from. For my brunch themed baby shower last November I served mini pancakes on a stick, croissant sandwiches, fruit, muffins, parfaits and more. Pinterest has hundred of ideas on how to fit your food with your theme and great ways to present them. 

Help. Make sure you have hands on DECK. 

There are three ways you can go about this, hire an event planner, plan with your friend/family or let your friends/family plan it for you. The first option can be pretty pricey but worth it, event planners handle everything to where all you have to do is pick, choose and simply show up the day of. Planning with your friends takes a lot of the work and stress off of you.  Having hands to help DIY, purchase and set up makes the process a lot smoother.  Allowing your family to plan is like having a FREE event planner. Having them plan will allow you to simply show up as well. 

Make Sure You ARE Comfortable.

Baby showers are A LOT more flashier than they use to be. A lot of moms are going for the Hollywood look and nothing is wrong with that.  However, making sure you are comfortable is key.  The outfit you pick should allow you to maneuver as needed. The shoes you decide to wear should not have your feet screaming ten minutes into the shower.  Remember you are wearing this outfit for a few hours.  You will be sitting, standing, AND walking.  

Room for the gifts.

When my baby shower ended I thought to myself "damn how will I get all this stuff back to my house?" I had so many things, my dodge avenger along with my boyfriends Chrysler 200 would not allow us to successfully transport them home.  If you are having a shower outside of your home, make sure you clean out your trunk to make space for your gifts.  If you do not own a truck, find the closest family or friend and ask them will they help you transport your gifts. You may also put a note in invites for large gifts to be shipped to your home so you don’t have to worry about transporting it back from venue. 

Having these tips will make planning your event A LOT smoother!  With any event, chaos will come, as the mom to be make sure you are relaxed and don't stress to much.  Make sure you check out our supporting blogs! Should You Have A Baby Shower or Baby Sprinkle? and Baby Registry Tips! 


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