Baby Shower or Baby Sprinkle?

baby shower baby sprinkle

Baby Shower or Baby Sprinkle?

If you're like me when I first heard of a baby sprinkle you're probably saying to yourself "wtf is a baby sprinkle?" LOL. It is exactly what it sounds like. A smaller, less expensive version of a baby shower. Awesome right? There are plenty of reasons to plan a baby sprinkle instead of a baby shower.  Whichever you decide to do is entirely up to you!

Baby sprinkles are good for people who live in a state where they don't have that many friends and family. Especially people whose families aren't willing to and or can't afford to travel. They are also suitable for people who don't naturally have a lot of friends and family.

Sprinkles are good for moms to be who just recently had a baby aka small gap in between pregnancies . Most people tend to keep their baby items when they know they will have more children in the future or the items they had from the previous baby are still in good use.  Therefore a shower isn't necessarily needed. However, I feel that ALL babies should be celebrated and showered (or sprinkled) with gifts.  

If you are a person that likes to shop on your own, a sprinkle is right for you.  At a baby sprinkle, most people will tend to bring small items such as clothing, bottles, and pacifiers.  You can celebrate your baby without having to accept a ton of gifts you'd rather get yourself. 

Baby sprinkles come in handy when you find yourself needing to have two showers.  What do you mean have two showers? I've worked with a lady whose family was so big her, and her husband had to have two showers in two different states to allow everyone to celebrate their little one. She had a baby shower and a baby sprinkle. 

Whatever you choose to do for your new bundle of joy is entirely up to you! You can have a baby shower, baby sprinkle or both! Figure out what works best for you and your partner and make it happen.  Being showered or sprinkled with gifts helps the parents to be.


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