What You Won't Get at Your Baby Shower But Will Need For Baby

Ok, Mama, you are almost ready to meet your little one. You just have the baby shower left to knock out. You’ve made your registry, found the perfect invitations, planned your event out, and the day is finally here to mingle with friends and family as they shower you and baby with gifts. Once it is all over and you’re at home going through all the great gifts you received you will find you didn’t get everything you needed. Now you have to head out to the store and round up all your items last minute. Fun right? No, not at 30+ weeks pregnant. So I’m here to help you out and give you a list of common items you most likely will not receive  at your baby shower but will certainly need for you and baby. 


For whatever reason there are items baby shower guest  tend not to buy for baby shower gifts. They don’t mean any harm it’s just items they may overlook, you didn’t add them to your registry, or they may assume you already have it covered. It’s also very common for guest to not look at the registry at all instead head out to the store and start their own unguided shopping. Remember your guest will be consumed in all the cute tiny items in the baby section of your local Target, that they will simply bypass the necessities or forget about buying clothes in the appropriate sizes to match the seasons your little one would be able to wear them. So knowing this, prepare ahead of time to add these needed items to your personal shopping list. 

The Big Ticket Items

Usually, guest will not buy items costing over $100 for multiple reasons. However, if they do, that is such a blessing for you and baby. These items are things like:

  1. Crib - I opted for a mini crib. Why? knew my son would be in a shared bedroom with his older brother so I did not want a bulky crib taking up a lot of space.

  2. Swing- I recommend a swing that also converts to a chair/rocker

  3. Nursery Furniture

  4. Car Seat and Stroller

These are items guest typically think you want to pick on your own to make sure they match your color scheme, decor, and preference. However still add them to the registry you’ll be surprised who will purchase them for you. 


If you decide  to bottle feed, typically you are good to go on putting your desired items on your registry and your guest will purchase. However it won’t hurt to grab some bottles ahead of time just in case. If you’re breastfeeding, there are a few items you will need you most likely will not receive. 

  1. Breast Pump - Breast pumps are costly and personal items. I always suggest new moms to purchase their own or request one FREE through your insurance. Not sure how to go about getting one through your insurance? No worries check out Free Breast Pump with Insurance to see exactly how to go about getting yourself one.

  2. Nursing Pads- I’ve tried just about all brands on the market and found the Parent Choice Nursing Pads to be the best option

  3. Nipple Balm

  4. Haakaa- If your breastfeeding you NEED this item, trust me! Check out How and Why You Should Haakaa to see exactly why I say this.


Like I said, your guest will be consumed in all the tiny cute baby clothes they see they will bypass the bigger sizes or other necessities. I have two summer babies which means by the time they are 6 months old it will be winter. Imagine my surprise when going through the tons of gifted clothes to realize I had to return over half of it due to shower guest buying summer outfits for the winter.

  1. 6-12month size clothing- keep in mind the seasons your baby will be in these sizes don’t want to have a ton of short sleeve items and it will be middle of winter

  2. Socks

  3. Hangers


Health Care & Grooming

  1. Thermometer

  2. Nose Aspirator- grab a few as they have to be changed out monthly

  3. Medicine- baby Tylenol, teething tablets, gripe water, etc

  4. Hand sanitizer

  5. Grooming/first aid kit


  1. Crib Sheets

  2. Mattress Cover

  3. Blankets

Mommy Care 

I’ve been to quite a few showers and have had two of my own and guest stick to what the baby needs and us moms usually never put what we will need on our registries. Do not forget your needs as well.

  1. Pads/Menstrual Cup

  2. Reusable Water Bottle- I love my insulated stainless steel water bottle. I prefer to drink cool water so having a water bottle that keeps my water cool for hours is perfect at my bedside. Especially as a nursing mother, it is important to stay hydrated.

  3. Toiletries

  4. Face Wipes


I hope this helps get you ahead of the game on your shopping list and give you some ideas of what to add to your registry as well. Very soon you’ll be face to face with your little one!