How To Successfully Plan Birthday Parties

How To Successfully Plan Birthday Parties

Plan in Advance.

I always suggest planning a birthday party at least three months in advance. Why? Because it gives you enough time to plan and prepare without having to run around like a chicken with its head cut off. By planning in advance, you can catch deals and take much-needed breaks in between.

Set the date

Setting the date in advance can help you easily find a venue to book or party space to reserve. Having the date in advance gives you better options for booking days and times. I also like to have a date picked out ahead of time for my family that lives out of town that would like to attend the party. Booking flights and or rentals in advance saves them hassle and money.

Make the Guest List

The guest list determines the size of the venue and the amount of food you will need. By making the guest list, you can determine how many seats for adults and children as well as gift bags. When making your guest list don’t forget to include your family, you as well will be taking up space/seats and eating food.

Basketball themed birthday party

Book the Venue. (If you do not have it at home)

If you do not have it at home, I suggest booking the venue (IN ADVANCE) once you determine your guest list. If your guest list is 50 people, go for an event that fits just that. You will have some people that won’t come, and you may have some last minute add-ons. You don’t want an even space too small where your guest is sitting on top of each other nor do you want one too big to where the room will feel empty. Booking the venue in advance gives you a better chance of snagging your date and time. It also secures the time and date so you can let everyone around you know.

Pick a Theme

Pick a color or character theme, so you know what colors to look for when shopping and how to design your invitation. (This is when you purchase invitations or get them designed) Picking a theme can be fun for you and your little one. For my sons second birthday, I gave him a basketball-themed party. Everything was basketball related along with the colors orange, black and white. Basketball is his favorite sport so let’s just say he had a ball at his party! No pun intended. : )

Party City Coupons. Resources> Coupons

Party City Coupons. Resources> Coupons

Start Shopping (Search For Deals!)

My favorite stores to shop are party city and dollar tree. Dollar tree has excellent stuff you can DIY for $1 per item. I like Party city because they have all of your party needs. PC also has deals/coupons on their site. I save $75 on items for my sons' party buy looking for coupons. Shopping in advance helps you not to have to do everything last minute. It allows you to shop in moderation and catch deals!

Send out the Invitation a Month in Advance.

Sending out the invitations a month in advance allows you to give your guest a heads up. Some may have to request off of work or be able to deny other event requests from friends and family. Have you ever invited someone last minute and they say “ooh, I can’t sorry, I already made plans that day.” Letting them know in advance helps prevent them from not being able to celebrate your little one.

Ask for Help

If you’re reading this, I am assuming you didn’t hire an event planner. Therefore, you will need all the help you can get with setting up and making sure everything looks to par. In advance, ask about three of your closest family and friends if they wouldn’t mind helping you out. Those extra hands can take a lot of the stress off of you.


I always prep for the party the night before. I’ll have all of my decorations, eatery, etc. in boxes and bags ready to get packed into the car in the morning. Gift Bags are assembled, clothes are ironed and ready to wear, EVERYTHING. Therefore, the morning of is a lot smoother. The day of, I like to give myself 2 hours to prep before the party. I love to have everything set up within an hour (or hour and a half) to give myself some time to refresh my look and get picture ready for our guest.


Be the best host you can be!


Sit back and enjoy the time spent with your little one(s) on their special day. All the planning, money spent, and stress is OVER. That is until the next child or year.

With any even comes issues, being the planner that I am I have ALWAYS hit roadblocks when it comes to my sons parties. Last year our electricity was off the night before their party due to a thunderstorm. So we had to prep what we could by candlelight it was the worst! However, we got it done and our boys had a BLAST! I hope this has helped you in you future party plannings!