I Love My Hair


Hair acceptance in the black community is a real issue that starts at a very young age. There are little black girls all over the world who hate, dislike, or ask to alter their hair to mimic their non-black peers. Television shows, the media in general, lack representation for them. As parents, we do everything in our power to shape our little ones into strong self-loving individuals, especially when it comes to their natural hair.

I came across a post on my Facebook timeline of a father asking everyone to give his daughter encouraging quotes on her looks/hair. She was struggling to find the beauty in her natural self. This baby was all of THREE years old. THREE. Kids at three shouldn’t worry about being cute, ugly or beautiful to the outside world. They should want to play outside, eat candy for breakfast, and play with toys. So my heart broke for her dearly because she truly is a beautiful young lady.

As a child, I struggled with my appearance as well. I was a little black girl in a majority white school. I had kinky, short (which is considered “bald-headed” in the black community) hair and wasn’t able to do much with it other than ponies. The comments from my family didn’t help my self-esteem much either. I was reminded and made fun of how “bald-headed” I was, or how there wasn’t much hair there to do when I wanted certain styles.

I wanted to be like my peers, long flowing hair down their backs. I struggled with my appearance up until I started hanging with more kids that looked like me. So I always sympathize with little girls who struggle to love themselves as is, because I was once there. Luckily, I grew out of it on my own and found my OWN definition of beauty.

I discovered that there was no such thing as being naturally bald-headed, lack of growth or length retention has EVERYTHING to do with improper hair care. As I grew older I realized that my hair is fragile, and in need of a lot of moisture. As a child I was receiving harsh perms, applying heat, tight ponies or braids, and wasn’t protecting my hair at night EVER. No wonder I didn’t have any hair. lol

I learned at a young age to love myself even when no one reminded me to do so. I boosted my confidence and I am happy to say that I grew to love my true natural-black-self. Kinky hair and all.

I believe self esteem begins in the home and as parents it is our job to build them up before society tries to break them down. I’ve gathered videos and pictured for you to show your little ones to help them appreciate their beautiful hair, no matter the texture or length. Sometimes shows, songs or visuals will help your little one understand that they indeed are beautiful.

Season 4, Eps 997 season 2, ep 19

Season 4, Eps 997 season 2, ep 19

Bubble Guppies.

Bubble Guppies is one of my FAVORITE shows for my little ones to watch. This show educates my little ones in all aspects from loving yourself, schooling, and manners. It also keeps them glued to the television for a while so I can get things done uninterrupted.

I found myself randomly downloading episodes on my iPad to have on handy and ran across an episode called Guppy Style. The episode is centered around finding your own style and being true to yourself.  What really caught my attention was the pop star Stylee, she is known for wearing different wigs and styles.  At her concert in Big Bubble City she hesitates on coming out and performing because she just wants to be herself, her NATURAL SELF.  After an encouraging talk from Molly backstage, Stlyee performs as her true self. A cute little guppy fish with a TWA ya’ll! (Teeny Weeny Afro)  My heart dropped and till this day that has been my FAVORITE Bubble Guppies episode.

The episode is full of cute moments and song not only your little ones will be caught singing from time to time.  I HIGHLY encourage your princess to check out this episode. .

Purchase the episode on amazon right here.


Sesame Street

Sesame street has been stepping their game up in the world of diversity. A few years ago I randomly came across a sesame street video with a song called “I Love My Hair”. Of course I didn’t hesitate to click it and the song was amazingly cute.

I provided the links to the videos below. Make sure you share it with your little ones.


This video isn’t necessarily about hair however, it is a confidence booster. It features three black natural hair muppets singing about how they can change the world. Basically letting your little ones know that they can be whatever they want to be even if there is no representation there to prove it.


Daily Affirmations

Get in the habit of complimenting your daughters everyday. Let them know how beautiful they are, how strong they are, how perfect their hair is the way it is. Remember self-esteem and confidence starts in the home. Let’s uplift our babies instead of being their first bullies.

I ran across this facebook post from one of my former high school classmates. It is exactly the encouragement I suggest you give to your little ones. Not only on picture day, but everyday.

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 11.50.23 AM.png

Let me tell ya’ll that baby was glowing in her picture. Melanin poppin, TWA moisturized and styled to the gawddds honey. There was nothing more beautiful than seeing that little girl LOVE herself even when she thought she didn’t. All due to her mom giving her the affirmations she needed.

Here are a few to get you started. Make them daily.

“You are beautiful”

“You hair is beautiful”

“Work it girl”

“I love your hair, dont you love your hair”

“Your puffs look amazing!”

“Your black is beautiful”

“Your skin is beautiful”

“ I love your outfit!”

“You are such a smart young lady”

“You can be whatever you want to be”

Thanks to my lovely Facebook friends and family I was able to receive beautiful pictures of little ones and their beautiful natural hair.

If you have your own story please share below So people can know they’re not alone!