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I Love My Hair

Hair acceptance in the black community is a real issue that starts at a very young age. There are little black girls all over the world who hate, dislike, or ask to alter their hair to mimic their non-black peers. Television shows, the media in general, lack representation for them. As parents, we do everything in our power to shape our little ones into strong self-loving individuals, especially when it comes to their natural hair.

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SIX Tips You Need To Have An Amazing Baby Shower

Invitations Set The MOOD!

There are plenty of ways to send invitations now and days. You can send physical invitations (which are my favorite), e-vites (via email), create an event on Facebook, or through text message. Either way, having a great invitation to present to your guest sets the mood.  There are plenty of invitation services out there, along with millions of freelance designers. seek out what best fits your needs and set the mood right! 

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