Lookbook #2 Feat. Femme Luxe

Hey everyone!

I am back with another lookbook! If you didn't get a chance to see my last lookbook check it out.

If you don't know, I am just a mom trying to find herself and style again. I have been on a journey to revamp my style, so I was excited that Femme Luxe reached out to me to give you all a few looks from their online store. With Femme Luxe, I can find comfortable styles and ones that push my comfort level. Pushing my comfort level is and was very hard, but I encourage it for all moms because it helps love yourself and body again. I encourage ALL moms to find their "sexy" and switch up their styles.

All of the outfits from this order I had the pleasure of wearing on my annual family trip to Los Angeles, California. I picked them precisely for our trip, and I loved every last item received.

Lookbook #2 Feat. Femme Luxe

Grey Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set - Lacy

LOOKBOOK #2 FEAT. FEMME LUXE #lookbook #womenfashion #femmeluxe #momstyle #loungewear

I loved this set. I picked this set purposefully for my plane ride to California; I felt it was a good stylish and comfortable outfit to wear on my four-hour plane ride and while sightseeing the first day. I was right; it was super comfortable enough for both.

The material is stretchy, light, and soft. This loungewear is a great outfit to wear when the weather transitions from summer to fall. I highly suggest this boxy loungewear if you are into casual, cute and comfy fashion.

I paired this set with black shoes, but you can dress this outfit up with sandal heels or flats.

Click here if you are interested in this set.

Black Bardot Elasticated Crop Top & Cycling Shorts Co-ord - Adira


This co-ord was another set that I loved. It was another comfortable and cute set that was easy to wear as I ventured around Cali. Like the set, I mentioned above this co-ord set material was stretchy, light, and comfortable.

This co-ord was a step outside my comfort-ish set. I am a big fan of biker shorts and crop tops, but I never wore them together. However, I felt cute and comfy in this outfit and would so confidentiality wear it again.

I paired this outfit with my waist beads and a pair of Vans.

Click here if you are interested in this set.

Black Cami Knitted Side Split Maxi Dress - Thea

LOOKBOOK #2 FEAT. FEMME LUXE #lookbook #womenfashion #femmeluxe #momstyle #kniteddress

I picked this dress because we had a tripped planned to go to Venice Beach during our time there. This dress was a cute item to use as a swimming suit coverup. However, this dress wasn't intentionally made to be that; it can be an everyday going out type of dress. You have to be okay with wearing a dress with holes in it. It is an all-purpose dress.

This dress material is sturdy and durable. Most knitted sets that I have worn in the past, one snag and you ruined your dress. With this item, I didn't get that, with me being the clumsy person that imam, I snagged my dress a few times and was surprised at how it held up. I surprisingly didn't mess it up. Yay me!

I paired this dress with my yellow high waisted swimming suit And nude sandals.

Click here if you are interested in this set.

Black Lace Double Strap Bodysuits - Mika


I have always wanted a lace bodysuit. I think bodysuits are cute and sexy. I was stepping a little outside my comfort level with it, but I loved it and can not wait to pair it with other looks in the future. I was a breastfeeding mom, who already had small boobs, so this top was a little intimidating for me because I already knew my already small girls don't sit up as they use too. Thankfully this bodysuit a little cup to them and I didn't feel too bad when I wore it out. Like I mentioned above, I cannot WAIT to pair it with another outfit in the future.

This time I wore my lace top with some black high waisted black jeans, and chunky sandal heels.

Click here if you are interested in this set.

Overall I am super happy with the ordering, shipping, and receiving process that Femme Luxe provided. I received my clothing in a timely fashion, and the quality of the items are amazing. I am excited to see myself step out of my comfort zone with new items from Femme Luxe.

If you are a mom like myself who are trying to give your style a facelift, Femme Luxe is a GREAT site for revamping your wardrobe, style inspirations, and the prices are reasonable for the quality. Please don't be intimidated by the overly beautiful model on the website. I am proof that they look just as good on the every day mom.

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