Amazon Costumes for Baby’s First Halloween

Besides the free treats, seeing babies dressed up for Halloween is one of my favorite things about the season. Besides being cute, you have to make sure the costume you choose is functional for diaper changes, comfortable, and of course, affordable since they will only wear this precious outfit once in their life.

Amazon Costumes for Baby’s First Halloween

My favorite place to shop is Amazon. They have just about everything you need, and I love to take advantage of my Prime Membership where for only $12.99 a month I get FREE shipping and much more. If you do not have Prime try it out to get started and get your costumes shipped FREE! As a bonus to show you how much you will love it, we are going to give you the first 30 days FREE!


Check out these adorable costumes for your little one’s first Halloween experience. Make this Halloween one to remember.

Carters Baby Pineapple


If you ever notice I sign off everything on our social media with a little pineapple emoji. ;) Pineapples are my favorite and hold symbolic meaning for me that I’ll have to tell you all about in another post. When I saw this costume, of course, I had to post it first it’s so adorable and comfortable for baby. This zip-up hooded vest costume keeps baby warm during night time trick or treating and comes with footed bottoms and long sleeve top. The only thing missing is your adorable baby. PURCHASE HERE

Noah’s Arch Lion Cub

Amazon costumes for baby's first halloween #realmomish #halloween #babycostumes #costumes

This super cute lion cub costume comes with a long sleeve romper with attached foot covers, hood with ears and a mane. For that added bonus it also includes an adorable mouse rattle. PURCHASE HERE

Little Unicorn

Amazon costumes for baby's first halloween #realmomish #halloween #babycostumes #costumes

Isn’t this the cutest! This little unicorn comes with everything your baby will need to spread cuteness all over Halloween. This vest-style costume will keep baby warm and included the footed tights and top. PURCHASE HERE

Pinky Winky Monster

Amazon costumes for baby's first halloween #realmomish #halloween #babycostumes #costumes

Monsters do not always have to be scary. This adorable monster romper costume is perfect for your little one. This costumes includes attached footies, horns, and bow tie. Its’ available for size 6-12 months of age. PURCHASE HERE

Baby Jack- The Incredibles

Amazon costumes for baby's first halloween #realmomish #halloween #babycostumes #costumes

This one is for the fiery new toddler. If you ever have seen The Incredibles then you know exactly what I mean. this jumpsuit costume also includes a headpiece for baby to wear to complete the look. PURCHASE HERE


Amazon costumes for baby's first halloween #realmomish #halloween #babycostumes #costumes

What’s Halloween without the great pumpkin. This adorable traditional costume includes a vest with a hat, shirt, leggings, and booties. PURCHASE HERE


Amazon costumes for baby's first halloween #realmomish #halloween #babycostumes #costumes

Vegan? Or just love avocados? This adorable costume is great for you and your little one. This costume includes a hood with stem and leaf, Printed jumpsuit with dimensional avocado pit and snaps for an easy diaper change. PURCHASE HERE

Baby Shark

Amazon costumes for baby's first halloween #realmomish #halloween #babycostumes #costumes

Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo. As if this song isn’t stuck n all our heads enough, I just had to include the costume. This footed jumpsuit is perfect for areas where Halloween is much cooler and it includes the matching headpiece. PURCHASE HERE

Halloween can be a fun time of the year. If you plan to take your little one(s) trick or treating be sure to check out our Trick or treat Safety Guide to find other trick or treating alternatives and tips and tricks on how to stay safe this Halloween.

Amazon costumes for baby's first halloween #realmomish #halloween #babycostumes #costumes

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