Lookbook #3 Feat. Femme Luxe

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I am back with another lookbook! If you didn't get a chance to see my last lookbook check it out. 

If you don't know, I am just a mom trying to find herself and style again. I have been on a journey to revamp my style, so I was excited that Femme Luxe reached out to me to give you all a few looks from their online store. With Femme Luxe, I can find comfortable styles and ones that push my comfort level. Pushing my comfort level is and was very hard, but I encourage it for all moms because it helps love yourself and body again. I encourage ALL moms to find their "sexy" and switch up their styles.

I was excited about this order because I was able to get some fall gear. The weather here in St. Louis, has yet to show any fall weather at all, so I gave you all a top-notch living room photoshoot. As most of you have seen, I am more of a "wear it out and about" type of picture taker. This 90 degree St. Louis weather did not allow me too. So Here you go! If you want to see how I plan to jazz up these looks in the future, make sure you follow my Instagram page, along with Femme Luxe, to get inspiration.

Lookbook #3 Feat. Femme Luxe

Black Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set -Asia

Black Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set -Asia #femmeluxe #womenfashion #fashion #loungewear #womenloungewear

I am all for looking comfy and cute. The first few months of being a mom, I was a fan of leggings, oversize college t-shirts, messy hair, and eye bags. Being a mom, especially a new mom, it is okay to be comfy and cute. This outfit is great for lounging around the house and or running errands while looking like you care about your appearance.

The fabric on this set is made from super stretchy and breathable material. You can see in this picture, but the material is ribbed, which gives it a very cute look. I can see myself wearing this set with my shell toe ADIDAS, UGGs, and even dressing them up with sandal heels or booties.

If you are a fan of this set, order it here.

Khaki Crop Jumper Loungewear Set - Deanna

Khaki Crop Jumper Loungewear Set - Deanna #femmeluxe #womenfashion #fashion #loungewear #womenloungewear

I am a fan of crop tops and high waist pants, so there was no hesitation in ordering this set. This is a set that I can see myself wearing out on errands with my fiance, or our day time casual dates. It is cute, relaxed, and comfy.

The material on this set is a bit thicker than the set above, which is suitable for the cold season we are about to experience. I wouldn’t be a fan of dressing this style up, but I can see myself wearing it with my shell toe ADIDAS or UGGs. A great thing about this set it that you can wear them together or separately. Try pairing the bottoms with a crop top white shirt, and a denim jacket. Pair the top with your favorite high waist jeans.

If you are a fan of this set, order here.

Black Slinky Ruched Basic Co-Ord - Mila

Black Slinky Ruched Basic Co-Ord - Mila  #femmeluxe #womenfashion #fashion #loungewear #womenloungewear

This set was a good pick initially, but it was not what I was expecting. The fabric is super thin, meaning undergarments will show. If that is your style, then this set is for you! For me not so much, I do love sets that allow you to show what’s underneath but that is not on my comfort level right now. However, I do LOVE the look and feel of this set, and I can see myself wearing it on a night out in Vegas.

Wearing this set in the comfort of my home did make me feel very sexy. I love how the outfit fit my body, and I have always been a fan of pencil skirts. If you are looking for a sexy fit for a night out THIS is your set.

If you are a fan of this this set, order here. 

Khaki Cargo Slim Fit Trouser

Khaki Cargo Slim Fit Trouser - Sunny #femmeluxe #womenfashion #fashion #loungewear #womenloungewear

I’ve always loved cargo pants but could never find any that weren’t stiff or that didn’t it my body funny. I can HAPPILY say I found them. These cargos are a great fit, thick material, and have a good stretch. I can see myself in these green trousers dressed up or down.

One thing about this company is that the pants run small so measuring yourself accordingly is essential. I am usually a size 8; however, in their pants, I am a size 12. To save yourself and them the hassle, check out the measurement chart before ordering.

If you are a fan of this this set, order here. 


Once again I am super happy with the ordering, shipping, and receiving process that Femme Luxe provided. I received my clothing in a timely fashion, and the quality of the items are amazing. I am excited to see myself step out of my comfort zone with new items from Femme Luxe.

If you are a mom like myself who are trying to give your style a facelift, Femme Luxe is a GREAT site for revamping your wardrobe, style inspirations, and the prices are reasonable for the quality. Please don't be intimidated by the overly beautiful model on the website. I am proof that they look just as good on the every day mom.

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