Personalized Beaded Anklets

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Bead Color and Meaning!

Gold – Good health, power and wealth

Green – Abundance, fertility, nature and prosperity

Red – Confidence and vitality

Turquoise – Communication and self-awareness

White – Light, truth and purity

Yellow – Energy, joy and happiness

Black – Power and protection

Blue – Loyalty and truth

Orange – Courage, self-confidence and vitality

Pink – Care, beauty, love and kindness

Purple – Royalty, spirituality and wisdom

Brown – Earth and stability

Healing Crystals

Aquamarine- Peace, Communication, Empowerment

Amethyst- Protecting, Cleansing, Intuition

Citrine- Imagination, Clarity, Manifestation

Clear Quartz- Energy, Clarity, Creativity

Fluorite- Clarity, Focus, Order

Green Aventurine- Opportunity, Wealth, Optimism

Turquoise- Health, Protection, Wisdom

Howlite- Surrender, Letting Go Of Attachments 

Lapis Lazuli- Vision, Truth, Awareness

Mookaite- Awareness, Healing, Intuition

Rose Quartz- Love, Trust, Emotional Healing

Red Agate- Protection, Courage, Energy

Red Coral- Willpower, Harmony, Motivation

Smokey Quartz- Protects & transmute negative energy

Garnet- Reduce body toxins, improve circulation, Bring Joy and Hope

Unakite- Balance Emotions, Love, Compassion, Kindness

Aquatic- Healing & Balancing

Yellow Tiger Eye- Focus, Protection, Will Power


Charms Available


Sizes & Pricing

Sizes: 6” | 8” | 10” | 12”

Plain Anklet $5 | Anklet with Charms or Crystals $10 | Anklet with Charms and Crystals $15

+ $3 SHIPPING FEE FOR UP TO 3 orders | + 5 SHIPPING FEE FOR 4 orders or more

(Prices are subject to change without notice)

Ordering Multiple Anklets

We are still in the process of creating a better ordering system for multiples, so we are sorry for the inconvenience. As of now, if you want to order multiple colors and crystals, you will have to submit an order for every Anklet. The reason for that is we want to make sure you are getting them exactly how you want them created, and there is no confusion on our end.

However, If you are getting all of your anklets with the same color beads and or crystals, you can write in the message box "I want three orders of this" or "I want three orders of this, one without crystals, 2 with crystals" etc. Just try to make it as clear as possible for us. Thank you!


Once you have submitted all of your orders you will receive an invoice via email to make your payment to begin processing your order. Orders will not begin processing without payment.

Please complete the order form below and allow 5-10 business days for processing. Charms coming soon!


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