How We Made Our First $1000 Blogging: Income Report

So you’ve read through our FREE eBook on ‘Becoming Blogger’ and now you’re wondering how do you start monetizing your site. 

Monetization is the process of converting something into a legal tender. This is important to begin generating revenue from your blog. 

The first few months of launching RMI we made $0. Why? We honestly did not fully understand what we were doing. We had a general idea like most of you reading this have but we didn’t know exactly what it took to start actually generating revenue. 

Before we get started into the details of everything, we would love for you to join our private blogging support group here! If you have not yet launched your blog or in the beginning stages check out our FREE eBook on Becoming a Blogger to get tons of useful information on how to set up your blog to get started with monetizing.

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How We Made Our First $1,000 Blogging

When we decided to share our experience blogging we wanted to make sure we were raw about our experience. We wanted to be sure we showed our audience the realistic side of blogging. Blogging by any means is not a get rich quick business. Although there are bloggers who make tons of money quickly, it’s not a realistic goal to set for yourself from the very beginning. Remember your journey is unique to you and your blog so do not compare yourself to others.

Also keep in mind, we work really hard on our blog. We spend hours a day making sure we are thoroughly promoting our blog, engaging with our audience, creating great content, and more. Trust us, your efforts will show in your income.

So lets get to it..

We launched RMI (formerly Modern Moms Club) in May of 2018 it wasn’t until September 2018 that we began to generate revenue. We will be showing you our income as a whole from the last 4 months of 2018. Our income is broken down into categories. The categories are the sources of where revenue is generated.

Ad Revenue - $960.66

Sponsored Content- $150.00

Affiliate Income- $0

Total = $1,110.66

We were very pleased with these results. It showed us that we are finally headed in the right direction with our blog. So how did we make the money exactly?


Google AdSense is an ad revenue platform. Companies pay google to run ads for them throughout the web and AdSense then pays users to run the ads on their sites, Youtube channels, etc. There are other ad revenue sites out there that pay well, however, they usually want you to already have established traffic, so AdSense is perfect for new bloggers.

When looking at our AdSense pay it is important to know AdSense pays you once a month for the month prior. So you will not see a September pay out here as we did not make any ad revenue for the month of August.

October- $216.06

November- $616.05

December- $128.55

Total= $960.66


As you can see, October was a star month for us leading to a big November payout. I think the surge in people gearing up for the holidays and the change from warm to cool weather placing more people at home browsing the net is what contributed to Octobers success. We also began to really work hard at promoting our blog which helped a ton.

Sponsored Content

Another popular way to generate income is by doing sponsored content. This can be a blog post or social post brands pay you to create. Although popular, working with brands is a tough one. We were surprised to receive our first sponsored post so early into our blogging journey. We had less than 200 Instagram followers when our first sponsor reached out to us for a blog post.

We thought it would be great to share this to give you insight that social numbers is not all brands look for when looking for influencers. So do not direct all your focus on having a million Instagram followers. Focus on creating a great, easy to navigate website with great content targeted toward your target audience. Knowing who you are writing to is so important and brands take notice as they like to be able to reach a target audience to sell their products. 

When creating your prices for sponsorships, you may use Social Blue Book to see what you should charge for your site, or you can come up with a price point that equals to the amount of work you will be putting in.

Affiliate Income

Once you begin blogging you can become an affiliate for different companies and brands. It’s basically getting money to recommend products you love. We jumped right into signing up for affiliate programs from day 1 of blogging. This is something we need more work on and plan to work harder at this year to generate more revenue for our blog.


We all have heard it before. “It takes money, to make money!” it’s true even for blogging. However, I will say blogging can be one of the most inexpensive businesses you can run. We base our expenses on the yearly cost. When you sign up for things they typically give you the month-to-month payment option or you can pay up front for the year. Since it is two of us it is much easier for us to just pay for the year. Pay bills once a year and collect money the rest of the year is perfect for us.

Hosting/Site Platform- $216.00/yr

Domain- $15.00/yr

Email Service- $50.00/yr

Advertisement - $ 480.00/yr

Total= $761.00/yr

Initially we paid for our blog out of pocket covering our first year of blogging without the intentions of paying it back to ourselves. We consider it a personal grant. :) We are so pleased that we have already covered 2019 expenses and well on our way to covering 2020 expenses as well while putting income in our own pockets. Our expenses will increase a bit as we expand our blog and add new services, but we are sure to plan ahead before making changes. 

After covering 2019 expenses we were left with $349.66  to split evenly for our first quarter personal pay out. YAY!!!

Generating money while doing something we love has for sure been rewarding. We learned a lot about blogging last year and we are excited to see what we will do in revenue this year, and how MMC grows.

2019 Goals

  • Master SEO

  • Grow social followings

  • Put more focus into affiliate marketing

  • Begin pitching brands

  • Start Guest blogging to blogs with higher traffic

  • Become more organized behind the scenes with blog writing and scheduling

  • Take more in the moment photos

  • Put focus into and grow our email list

Should we do quarterly income reports for 2019? Do you find this to be helpful? How did you think we did, fail or win?   Scroll down to the comment section and let us know your thoughts.

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