5 Tips to Double Your Blog Traffic

Let’s talk about traffic. Why you need it, what it does for you as a blogger, and where to get it. I’m pretty excited about this topic so let’s just jump right in.


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Gaining traffic is essential in your blogging journey. If no one is looking at your blog, then you are doing something wrong. For some traffic can be as easy as posting a link on your Facebook and your friends and family take it from there with views and shares. For others, gaining traffic may need much more effort.

Why do I need blog traffic?

Like I said the purpose of blogging, unless this is just a hobby for you, is to have viewers. You want people looking at your blog, sharing it, and returning back for more. When you have people reading your content, you have an audience to reach, and hopefully, they turn a profit for you such as purchasing from affiliate links or shopping on your online store. Most importantly you want organic traffic. This is important because organic traffic means you are getting viewers who are genuinely interested in your niche. Which is why knowing your target audience is essential.

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Five Tips to Double Your Blog Traffic

How to get blog traffic?

Getting blog traffic is tricky. What works for us may not work for you. Remember every day we are learning right along with you and as we grow and learn new things we love to share them with you all.

Social Media

As we all know the power of social media is fantastic. Sharing your posts on your personal and business social profiles is a great way to get exposure. Some social platforms we love are:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Twitter

Create Quality Content

You want to be sure your content is precisely what your readers are looking for. Take your time thinking of all aspects of your post. Choose click-worthy titles that will peek readers interest. You also want to make sure you are creating enough content for your posts. Be sure to make your posts more than 750 words and never less than 300 words. Google loves long articles, and readers, who are interested in what you are saying do not mind reading, so do not be afraid to write.

With such a long post, the best way to keep your readers interested and guarantee you hit your word count goal is by structuring your posts correctly. Some quick tips on how to do so are:

  • Insert photos or graphics where needed.

  • Make several points in your post.

  • Break down post into sections using subheadings.


I’m going to let you in on a secret here. Pinterest is HUGE in driving traffic to your site. Pinterest currently brings in about 90% of our blog traffic. The key here is to understand Pinterest is a visual search engine, and now that you know that it’s time to dive head first into the Pinterest pool.

Pinterest was the last platform we expected to really bring in traffic so we focused more on Instagram and Facebook in the beginning and I’m telling you it was a mistake.

A great tool to help you with Pinterest is Tailwind. Tailwind is a platform where you can schedule your pins and share them at the most popular times. This allows your blog to reach a large audience quickly and more effectively. Trust me you don’t want to wait to start using this tool.

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Guest Post

Guest posting is when you write an article to be published on another blog. Here is an example of a guest post we did for Journey to Stay at Home Mom. Guest posting is a great way to network with fellow bloggers and reach a new audience. This works best when the blog you chose to post for is within your niche. We plan to do more guest posting soon. We also offer guest posting here on MMC.

If you wish to reach out for information on becoming a guest contributor, please visit the Work With Us Tab from the menu. 

Revive Old Post

As you become more of a seasoned blogger, you will find your old content needs some work. Revisit those old posts and give them new life. Change your images, add more content, and more. This will help those posts regenerate new traffic.

Now that you have these five tips it’s time to get working. How do you drive traffic to your blog?

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