EASY Halloween Sugar Cookies

Halloween Sugar Cookies

I love being able to create memories with my little ones. Seasonal treats are a part of our tradition and I love capturing our moments making them. This Halloween we decided to try something different and they turnI am a baker in many different ways. I can bake from scratch, decorate, and cut a few corners with pre-made mixes. It just depends on my mood and time. I try my best to share recipes at every baking level, especially if you are a baker that includes your little ones in the kitchen with you.

I believe that introducing your children to different activities broadens their chances of finding their hobbies or passion. Who knows your little one may be a real baker at heart.

Halloween is by far one of our favorite holidays in this household. Therefore, making holiday treats is a MUST for my boys and me. Because I have impatient little boys, I try to find the easiest and quickest treats to make. Check out my Halloween Oreo Rice Krispies Treats! Frosted sugar cookies are quick, easy, and delicious!

Sugar cookies


  • Sugar Cookie Dough

  • Frosting

  • Sprinkles

  • THAT’S IT :)


Bake the cookie dough as instructed on the packet. You could make the sugar cookies from scratch, but I am lazy and decided to make the pre-made dough. Once the cookies are done baking let them cool completely with a spreader or butter knife ice the top of the cookie with frosting. Decorate with sprinkles or any other spooking toppings of your choice. That's it you're done!

Halloween Sugar Cookies

This is a fun, easy and delicious treat to make with your little ones. What are your favorite halloween treats to make with for your child(ren) let me know below.

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