Oven Grilled Trader Joes Chile Lime Chicken Wings

When it comes to seasoning, I have been looking into more herbs and spices to one-up my meals. One of my favorite places to purchases seasonings is Trader Joes. Their spices are affordable, fresh, and potent in flavor. Recently I picked up their Chile Lime seasoning and decided to give it a try on some chicken wings.

Oven grilled Chile like chicken wings #chickenwings #food #partysnacks #chilelimechicken

These chile lime chicken wings are perfect for dinner, a sporting event, or celebration. They only require three ingredients to make and 30-45 minutes to cook. These delicious wings will be a hit at the table. The tangy yet sweet flavor with a pinch of spice will leave your mouth watering for more. When I make these, we never have leftovers.

Oven Grilled Chile-Lime Chicken Wings

Oven grilled Chile like chicken wings #chickenwings #food #partysnacks #chilelimechicken

Prep Time

10-20 minutes

Cook Time

30-40 minutes

Total time

40minutes - 1hour

American Cuisine, Serves 4


  • 3lbs chicken wings without tip. You can get party wings or whole wings and separate using a large butcher knife. I prefer whole wings and cutting them myself.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Trader Joes Chile Lime Seasoning Blend

  • Parsley


Oven grilled Chile like chicken wings #chickenwings #food #partysnacks #chilelimechicken


Preheat your oven to 400

  1. Prep Wings: you want to begin my cleaning your meat and cutting your wings ( if you purchased party wings drumettes then you can skip the cutting step. When cutting chicken wings into sections, you want to cut at a slight diagonal at the joint of the wing.

  2. Season: In a large bowl you want to place all of your wings and coat lightly but evenly with olive oil. The olive oil will help to get the skin of the chicken to become a bit crispy in the oven as it would on a grill. You will now take our Chile Lime seasoning blend and coat your chicken wings using a large spoon or clean hands (I typically use gloves when handling raw meat) to mix and coat the chicken evenly. You may use as much season as you desire but do not go overboard to avoid them being too salty.

  3. Prep pan: Now that your wings are ready, you want to take your cookie sheet pan and cover it with aluminum foil. The oil from the wings will drip onto your pan and avoid a lengthy clean up later, and the foil will help you out. Once you have covered it, you will then place your oven grill rack on top. What I love most about my Grill Oven Rack is that it is nonstick and super easy to wipes clean and I do not have to worry about my food sticking to the rack.

  1. Cook: Place your rack of wings in the oven to cook. Since you are cooking on a high temperature, you want to be sure to check your wings every 5-10 minutes. If you need to, use your tongs to flip the chicken over midway during cooking to ensure they are cooked throughout.

  2. Finish Wings: Once your chicken wings are finished, you want to take them out the oven and let cool before serving. You may garnish them with fresh parsley and serve with ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce or do as I do and eat them as is with sides.

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