I Lost My D*mn Edges; Postpartum Hair Loss/Shedding

Postpartum shedding (PPS) is REAL. Some women experience it horrifically and some barely even notice the loss. I have had PPS with BOTH pregnancies and each time was a different experience.

Postpartum shedding usually happens between the three-five months after you have your baby. For some women it could come sooner or later every experience is different. For me, I noticed my hair loss around the four-month mark with both of my pregnancies.

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My first experience with it I didn’t even know that I was experiencing postpartum shedding. I had styled my hair in a braid out as usual. My braid outs are never tight because I know tension is BAD for your hair. When my braids were all dry and ready to be taken down, I wore my hair in the braid out for about four days. Usually, when my hair styles get old I put my hair in a puff and that day is when I noticed I was missing some of my hair on the edge line. It was thinner/missing on the same sides on my edge line.

I thought to myself “This is so weird, I know my braids aren’t tight so wtf” and continued my day. I applied hair oil to my scalp where I had missing hair and waited for it to grow. No biggie. Still not realizing it was PPS.

I always thought PPS was when you go to comb or detangle your hair you are getting globs of hair falling out. My detangling method had a healthy amount of hair, so I pretty much shrugged the thought of it being PPS altogether.

I Lost My D*mn Edges; Postpartum Hair Loss/Shedding

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Fast forward to my second pregnancy…

When I tell you all, I was so flabbergasted by the way this pregnancy snatched my edges off. I could not believe it. Even the people around me when I showed them would look like this…

I had lost my ENTIRE edge line of hair. I canceled all buns and ponytails all summer 2018 because my edges were nonexistent. I didn’t cry, I didn’t stress (more than I already was) and I damn sure didn’t give up on my hair. I knew it would take months for them to grow back; however, I was willing to care for my edges in the time being. Ain’t nobody got time to be out here edgeless.

So how did you grow your edges back?


Stress can help promote more PPS. I was stressed this time around (like BIG stressed) due to a lot of personal factors in my life. That explained why I received so much hair loss than before.

Try to relax and think positive. Do things that make you happy. Indulge in self-care. Check out 50 Ways To Practice Self-Care. Fix the problem you are stressing over. Do what you got to do to become less stressful.


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Vitamins help nourish and feed your hair to keep your strands healthy. You ever heard women talk about how much their hair has grown while pregnant/taking prenatals. Prenatals don’t make your hair grow any longer than it will naturally grow. However, it will help retain length and strength due to your hair receiving “food” from the vitamins which results in less breakage.


I put this in capital letters because I need you all to HEAR ME WHEN I SAY THAT MANIPULATION AND DAMN SURE TENSION WILL KEEP YOU EDGELESS. You CANNOT put tight styles on already thinning hair.

Styles that include cornrows, box braids, crochets, sew-ins, u-part wigs, etc. Any hairstyle that pulls and or adds weight to your already thinning edges will keep you bald. NO hair glue, NOTHING. You need to leave your edges be.

If you want to wear a headband during this time, make sure it is satin or silk lined. Cotton headbands will rub, dry out, and cause more breakage.


JBCO has been a staple product of mine for years now. It has helped strengthen my already fragile hair to help it grow to its fullest potential. I would use it on my edge line to help moisturize and strengthen the hair that I have lost. I would apply it (lightly) to my scalp at night, massage it in with my fingertips and then protect them with a silk sleep cap or bonnet.


I would use a peppermint shampoo on my edge line to help stimulate hair growth because of its ability to increase blood circulation on my scalp. When your blood is flowing, the nutrients from your body can feed your hair follicles more effectively which will result in better hair growth. disclaimer: peppermint is not a magic potion to long hair.


Having patience is KEY, and you will not see results in one month or two. It will take a while for your hair to grow and thicken up to where it is not noticeable. Bear with me, if you follow the step above you will see growth and gain your edges back.

My edge line went from hot damn to hell yes in a matter of months due to proper care. If you don’t follow the steps above, ESPECIALLY the one on tension don’t expect results. Sorry, but not sorry.

I am glad I can help you all in a horrific time like this. Just remember you are not alone and take care of those edges girl!


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