Nightly Self Care Routine

We talk about self care often here cause as a mom and individual it’s so important to take time out for yourself .


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Self-Care merely is the act of taking care of one's self mentally, physically, and emotionally. As a mom, we tend to put ourselves last on the priority list, but that ends NOW! 

I’ve adopted a night time routine to ensure I get some peace and practice self-care. Nighttime routine works for me because it incorporates what I already would typically do but adding a few more steps to utilize my time for me. 

Put The Kids To Bed

Now that my 6-month-old has a bedtime and sleeps a majority of the night “whoop whoop!” And my 7-year-old, of course, has his bedtime by 8:30pm/8: 45 pm my house no longer belongs to my children and turns back into my quiet home. At least for a few hours. I’m strict on their bedtimes specifically for my sanity and me time. After spending a day of answering 1000 questions and tending to a baby by 8:30 pm, I’m done! Having quiet time to not care for anyone but myself for 2 hours or so before my tiredness creeps in on me is necessary. 

Tidy Up

I take about 30 minutes to tidy up my home once the kids are sleep. Put away dishes I cleaned from dinner, put toys away, rearrange couch pillows, you know...the little stuff. I do this because it helps keep my home in order. I’m sure you can relate to putting dishes away, and by tomorrow afternoon every dish you own is sitting on your counter. 

Face Mask and Chill

I love a good face mask, to be honest, my skin needs it after neglecting it for the past 15 months. I grab my favorite face mask and chill! I either sit and scroll social media, listen to music, or catch up on my DVR shows. Media allows me to be able to wind down from the day and direct my focus. I even go the extra mile and pour a glass of wine some nights while I unwind.

During this time you spend unwinding your body physically and mentally. Unwinding, again, is essential to living a healthy happy life. This biggest excuse we all give ourselves is “I don’t have time” this is entirely false. Even if it’s just 20 minutes out of your day twenty is better then zero.

Face Mask Favorites

Mint Julep Scrub

Cucumber Gel Peel Off Mask

Charcoal + Sugar Mask

Once I’m done with my mask then I take my shower. That’s right a uninterrupted shower. 


When was the last time you just took a deep breath? After giving birth recently I learned the true importance of simply breathing after having pneumonia in both lungs just a few days after labor. So I have made it a habit to spend 3 minutes taking long slow deep breaths. This is great to help work your lungs in their entirety to build strength. It is also a great mental distressing exercise.    


I do my breathing techniques once I’m ready to actually go to bed. It helps relaxes my body and prepare me for a few hours of sleep before the baby wakes to nurse. 

Do you have a nightly self care routine? What are your favorite fade mask? I hope this post inspires you to take a little time out for yourself mama. You need it!

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