Preserving your me time over the holidays

The holiday season can turn hectic quickly. If you have school age children, they are now home all day due to winter break. If you are like me your waiting till the very last minute to go holiday shopping. Trying to keep your house in order and cleaned is becoming way more difficult with kids playing constantly. Your family may be in town so now you are busy entertaining. All these things can bring on stress and momma we don’t need any more stress. 


We consistently talk about the importance of self-care and making sure you are getting your me time when you can.  

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Pre Plan

Before you get your day started pre plan all you plan to do. You can jot it down in a notebook or on your phone. Pre planning will help keep you on a track as well as help you not forget what you needed to do.

Dont Stress the Small Things

Ok so every store is out of stock of the doll your daughter “had to have” for Christmas. Mom, it’s ok it will be in stock once Christmas is over she can wait. Your kids are going to be so excited for all that they receive, what they didn’t receive will not be a factor in most cases. Stressing over things out of your control is a recipe for disaster. 

Stick to Your Me Time

We discussed my Nightly Self Care Routine, if you have not yet checked it out do so after reading this post. My night routine is a guaranteed way I can get some me time for myself. During this holiday season I plan to keep at it. 

Don’t Skip Routine

It’s so easy to fall out of routine during the holidays. Between family, friends, and fun it’s also very understandable. However, do try your best to stick to routine. If your little one(s) have a specific nap time, continue it during the holiday break. Trust me is will save you once the holidays are over and you have to get them back in school/daily routines.  

Shop Online

So I have really become lazy when it comes to going to the stores. I even get my groceries delivered a lot of the time to avoid going to the store.  Take advantage of online shopping this season. It’s less stressful and you don’t even have to leave the house. Just be mindful of shipping and make sure you are purchasing early enough ahead of time. 

What ways do you plan to destress this holiday season? 


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