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When planning to conceive the most important thing to majority of women is making sure your womb and eggs are as healthy as they can be to achieve a healthy happy little one.


Along my journey while struggling with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) I had to rely on medication to assist me with trying to conceive. After 5 months of no luck I began to worry about my own womb and egg quality and if it played apart in the many months of negative pregnancy test. I began to research fertility aids and after coming across so many what seemed “unnatural” products i stumbled across Premama.

Premama offers up to eight different women's health supplements to assist along your journey from pre pregnancy, pregnancy, and post pregnancy.


The Premama Fertility Drink Mix  is formulated with Myo-Inositol, which is clinically shown to help improve ovulatory function and egg quality. It includes folic acid to support prenatal health, and is also Gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan. Most importantly for me it has ZERO taste. This supplement can be started at any point of your TTC journey which is great.


Using one packet per day

Mix into your favorite juice drink, smoothie, or water

Stir or blend well until it is completely dissolved

    * can not be mixed into any carbonated or hot temperature drinks

After just 2 days of taking this supplement I began to have some light cramping which for me was an amazing sign it indeed was working, since I had not had any cramping during my entire TTC journey. Toward the end of my first 30 days my ovulation window was coming up. Now let me tell you in 5 months I never received a positive ovulation test not even a faint line which was extremely disappointing. On cycle day 15 l FINALLY received my first positive ovulation test. My husband and I couldn’t believe it. After a few days of baby dancing and the longest two week wait we found out we officially were expecting baby number two!

Honestly I feel like Premama was the only reason why we were able to finally conceive. I plan to use the other supplements in their line throughout my pregnancy and post pregnancy journey. I hope sharing my story was helpful for someone like myself looking for a little hope along their journey.



You can purchase Premama online, or in stores at your local GNC or Target.

Good luck! Are you currently TTC? Having a hard time?  Leave it in the comment section below.


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