5 Ways to Survive C Section Recovery + My Recovery Must Haves


Giving birth to both my sons was an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life. With my first born, I had a traditional vaginal delivery. With my second born I had a cesarean section (c section) due to a low lying placenta (or Placenta Previa). At the midpoint of my pregnancy, I was told I would have to have a c section due to possible complications. I was completely thrown off.  I was facing a major surgery with a list of possible complications however my biggest concern was recovery. 

I want to start by saying every person is different! Your experience will be different from the next mom and how you recover will also be different, and that is entirely ok. No matter your experience always remember, YOU JUST HAD MAJOR SURGERY! So take your time and go at a comfortable pace that suits you. Here are a just a few tips I found helpful for me during my recovery process I’d love to share. 

Take the Meds  - Your doctor will prescribe some pain medication for you to take every few hours or so. Do not wait to fill that prescription! Once your home you will not have the luxury of nurses, adjustable beds, or wheelchairs to move around and help you and doing it all on your own with a post-surgery body can leave you feeling very sore and even be painful. Your meds, taken responsibly will help you through the aches and pains.

Rest - No matter how you may deliver your new bundle of joy, rest is critical! Your body needs time to heal, and recharge so you can be able to care for your baby. Find time to take naps often, and try to get as much sleep as your baby allows you to have. 

Get Help- Whether it’s your significant other, friend, or family member, do not be afraid to ask for help. Your designated help person will come in handy with household chores, caring for other little ones, driving you around, or just simply helping you get in and out of bed until your able to do more things on your own. Remember you should not be lifting anything more substantial than your baby or doing any cleaning until your doctor gives you the ok to do so. 

Walk - Walking will help get your muscles moving as well help relieve any gas pains you may have. Do not overdo it, walk in moderation around the house. 

Plan Ahead - If you already know you will be having a c section delivery it’s a great idea to plan ahead on a few things so you won’t have to worry once your back home.

  • Go grocery shopping a few days before your scheduled date

  • Prepare some freezer meals for easy cooking once your home (Crockpot Meals are ideal)

  • Get help to clean your home

  • Set up your bedside and bathroom with items you will need instant access to for you and baby

  • Have everything for the the baby set up and ready for use

  • Stock up on household items such as toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc


While recovering I also found these items to be extremely helpful.


Inter dry fabric/ gauze - It is essential to keep your incision area dry. If you have a tummy that covers your incision, it can be a bit difficult to do so. Placing a few sheets of gauze or using Inter dry fabric will help you keep that area nice and dry throughout the day. (you can ask the hospital for inter dry or purchase your own HERE)


Postpartum bottle -This was a lifesaver when I had my firstborn, and it came to the rescue again this time. Although I didn’t have a vaginal delivery it was quite challenging to wipe thoroughly after surgery as I couldn’t turn my torso much so using my bottle helped me to keep my self clean after using the restroom.


Back pillow- If you are nursing this will come in handy for additional back support as well as helping you sit up comfortably around the house or in bed.

Mesh or large undies - You don't want the band of your regular underwear to lay against your incision so grabbing some large ones, or a pack of disposables will be great 

Sanitary Napkins- I suggest grabbing large ones or the overnight size, you will have a few days or weeks of bleeding and discharge 



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