Mom Confessions: I Sneak Snacks in The Car

Ok moms, how many of you have had to sneak to indulge in your favorite snacks? I know I'm not alone here! We all know kids love to eat whatever we are eating. They hit us with the "Mommy I love chocolate" while we are eating our favorite candy bar or sit and stare till the very last bite.  Kids have proven to us that they can vividly hear a wrapper crinkling from 200 feet away.  Next thing you know you hear little pitter patters of footsteps coming your way. So you find yourself quickly hiding your stash.  Well, I've found the solution. 


After many years of tagging along my son and husband while I run errands, I have discovered I thoroughly enjoy running my errands ALONE! Doing the grocery shopping, running to the post office to ship orders for one of my businesses, getting the car washed, yes all of it I prefer to do it ALONE! Having this time to myself gives me peace. To up the notch on my "Me Time", I stop and indulge in my favorite snacks. Nobody is asking me a million and one questions. Nobody is rushing me out of the store. No little voices are saying they love what I am eating. Just me, my car, and my snack! 

No errands to run today?

Another option is to wait to indulge in your favorite snack while your little ones are sleep, whether it's during their afternoon nap or bedtime.  However, make sure you hide the evidence before they wake! Being able to enjoy something you love ALONE, creates a sense of peace and relaxation.  I know what you're saying "sharing is caring" but as moms we find ourselves sharing EVERYTHING with our little ones! It's okay to have "selfish moments," especially with your snacks. 

It's essential for moms to have some Me Time here and there. As a mom, I can tell you that finding opportunities for me time comes in small doses and the most random of ways. Do not feel guilty about your me time YOU NEED IT! Having a moment to relax even if it's for 20 minutes while the kids are at school or sleeping ; kick back relax and enjoy a snack as I do. 


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