Why I LOVE my Manual Pump!

Breastfeeding is a 24/7 job.  Whether you are near your baby or away, you still have to tend to the milk you produce. With that beings said buying a manual pump, along with an electric, was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  

Because it's convenient, travel-friendly and QUIET! 


I am able to use this pump when ever, where ever.  When I first had my son I was told I need to pump every 2-3 hours to keep my milk supply strong.  I was encouraged to pump after every feeding to empty my breast to help my milk supply stay strong.  Having to hook all my parts up to my electric pump was super inconvenient sometimes. ESPECIALLY when it came to pumping the little bit of milk left after a feeding. With my manual pump it was a snap, attach and pump. Easy as 1-2-3.

Travel Friendly

With my manual pump I am  mobile and I am able to pump anywhere.  I have used my manual pump on road trips, family outings, and around the house. This pump came in handy when traveling because I was able to pump fresh milk, relieve my breast of the milk, put it in a bottle and feed my baby without having to pull over to nurse.  This pump came in handy when my boyfriend and I like to have our alone time outings. It also came in handy when I needed to pump but I am nowhere near an outlet. 


Having to pump during the night is one of the most irritating things EVER! Why? Because it interrupts your sleep, you have to attach so many parts and then clean them before you lay back down. The worst part is it's LOUD and can disturb your babies sleep so you have to do it in another room.  With my manual pump I can pump in silence at any time, any where.  I can pump while my baby is sleep, or while watching my favorite show without the noise distracting either or. 

If its so great why bother getting an electric pump? 

I HIGHLY suggest getting an electric pump if able.  I use my manual more than my electric but it comes in handy when needed.  For example, I am using my electric pump right now as I type this blog. Your electric pump comes in hand when you have to multitask.  I tend to use my electric pump when I am putting on my makeup before an outing and I want to empty my breast, when I am blogging and need to relieve my milk, or times when I have minimal time to pump before I have to be out the door. (With your manual it takes about 15-20 mins each breast to fully empty, with an electric 15-20 mins all together). Check out how to get a free breast pump! 

You will have 12+ long months of pumping make it as convenient as you can! Don't forget to add your pump on your registry and thank me later! 


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