Get Your Life Together! The Ultimate Mom Guide

Hey Mom,  I'm sure just like me you have a massive to-do list that you have had for a few days now that you have not even begun to complete. You have not exfoliated in who knows when and when was the last time you got a pedicure? Right, you're just a hot mess express and you came here to figure out how to get your shit together. No worries, I'm here to tell you how.


Being a mom is hard work and never let anyone tell you it isn't. Whether you are a stay at home mom, working mom, or mompreneur, it's tough a job! Very often we find ourselves in the scenario above where we just don't have enough hours in the day to complete everything we need and never have time to do something for ourselves. I was that mom and still am at times. I've learned that I needed a day each week to GMST (Get my shit together).

Pick your GMST Day!

That day is Monday for me. This works because it is the one day I'm not working in the salon, my oldest son is in school, and my husband is off work to watch my newborn while I do what I need to do. Make sure you pick a day that will accommodate your lifestyle. A day where you can have help with little ones who are not in school/ daycare is helpful. If you are unable to have help on your GMST day then work around your child(rens) nap times. Once you know the day that works best for you, STICK WITH IT and let others know that's YOUR DAY!

Get Planning!

Once you have your day it's time to start planning your life for the days ahead. I usually plan the meals I am going to make accompanied by a grocery list so I'm ready to head to the grocery store later and not spending too much of my GMST day inside the store looking for things. I physically write down everything I need to accomplish that week and any appointments or activities that are pre-planned. I'm a bit old school so feel free to makes notes in your phone or wherever that suits you. Once you have done that plan out what you will accomplish on your GMST Day. Again these should be things that require most of your attention that you more than likely can't get done on a regular day such as deep cleaning or going to get a pedicure. 


Soon as my oldest son is on the bus headed to school I return to my home and get to cleaning.  prefer to clean early in the morning because it is my longest and most tedious task on my GMST to-do list. It is also convenient because my newborn is still asleep. Once he wakes up if I'm not finished cleaning I take a break to nurse him play for a little while he is awake and put him down for his morning nap so I can complete my cleaning task.

I find these few items super helpful with cleaning up my home quickly and effectively 

Running Errands

Your errands should consist of things like grocery shopping, shipping off any orders for your business, getting the car washed etc... I found the key to running errands smart is by knowing when stores/places open and categorizing what will take longer to what will be quick. Also starting farther from your home and work your way back. These three things allow me to run errands quick so again we aren't wasting time on your GMST day.

Meal Prep

On my GMST day, I try to find quick easy meals that I can make that day so I won't spend a lot of time cooking. This is when my crockpot comes in handy. I usually find all my meal ideas on Pinterest. Check out my Recipe Board Here for ideas. If you want to save time cleaning your crockpot I highly suggest getting crockpot liners they are a LIFESAVER!

Self- Care

Take time to take care of you! Remember you can't take care of others if you can't take care of yourself and this does include your children. As a parent we feel our kids come first and although yes that is true, you have to take care of YOU first. It is proven that kids are much happier when their parents are happy and healthy. 


What is considered self-care? What things can I do to care for myself?

Self-care is when you simply care for yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. Everyone should practice effective self-care. Maintaining positive self-care helps lead a healthy happy life.  As well as help parents rebalance themselves. 

Check out our blog on why it's important to take some Me-Time.


At the end of your day, once you've done everything you needed to do, you prepared dinner and got the little ones in bed it's time to relax. Grab a glass of wine, if that's your thing and sit and do nothing! Sounds impossible, I know, but it's very do-able. Catch up on tv shows, spend time with your partner, read a good book. Anything that does not require you to think too much or move around.

Now that you know what to do mom, go get your shit together! Do not let this be another "to do list" item.


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