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When I discovered I was pregnant with my second child I immediately made the decision that  I wanted to breastfeed my baby. After not having such a successful experience with my first this was my chance to try again.

In the very beginning my milk supply was amazing,  for a mom who had delivered prematurely. I had no issues getting my milk supply going and producing enough for my newborn, but then it changed.


Fast forward to the end of my maternity leave and preparing to return to work. I noticed a dramatic dip in my supply following a very unexpected (and unwanted) visit from aunt flow. Although it is normal for your supply to take a dip if your cycle starts however it should pick back up a few days after your cycle has ended. For me that wasn’t the case. I was beginning  to feel extremely defeated as I watched my supply drop from 4-6 combined ounces of milk to barely getting 2ounces combined from my breast. I tried just about everything you read about in blogs, view on Pinterest, etc. Finally after being referred to this brand a few times and stalking the many testimony on Facebook, I decided to try Milky Mama LLC.

Milky Mama LLC  is a California based company that provides lactation treats and supplements geared toward increaseing the quality and quantity of your milk supply. They offer lactation support to nursing mothers, and the owner, Krystal is a registered nurse, board certified lactation consultant, and breastfeeding mom.

Milky Mama LLC has a delicious line up of goodies. Cookies, brownies, smoothies, and lemonade just to name a few.

For me, I decided to purchase the mini milky sampler pack. With the sampler, you receive an assorted supply of treats: 1 lemonade, 6 cookies, and 6 brownies.

2.7 combined milk before trying Milk Mama. 

2.7 combined milk before trying Milk Mama. 

Before trying these products I was pumping barely 3ounces of milk combined. I decided to start with the brownies. THEY ARE A CHOCOLATE LOVERS DREAM! I was very surprised by the taste of all the treats. Everything had a great flavor and they came in handy when I was craving something sweet.

Here you can see the separation of fatty milk which is 90% of the milk. 

Here you can see the separation of fatty milk which is 90% of the milk. 

By day 3 I did not notice much of an increase in my supply but I did notice I was beginning to get a nice amount of fat in my milk. I was pleased as having nice fatty milk is awesome for baby. At day 6 I decided to drink the lemonade. It wasn’t to sweet or to bitter it was a perfect flavor and very enjoyable to drink. I began to notice and huge increase in my let down feeling. It was much more frequent and intense in sensation. Also my baby was more content after nursing.

On day 7 I went to eat a cookie and noticed that Cookie Monster came into my home and stole 2 cookies. My husband and eldest son decided that both wanted to eat a cookie. I don’t blame them, they are amazing. It’s totally safe for anyone to have a treat as they are full of healthy ingredients, however, I suggest warning those in the house that you’re Milky stash is not for sharing!

Milky Mama has helped increase my milk by more then double of what I was pumping previously.

Milky Mama has helped increase my milk by more then double of what I was pumping previously.

Once I finished up all my treats the next morning (Day 10) I woke up with extremely full feeling breast I nursed my little one as usual and noticed he was finished pretty quickly yet I still felt pretty full. After putting him back to sleep I decided to pump. To my surprise, I was able to pump a few ounces of milk. By the end of the day, I successfully fully pumped about 31 ounces of milk and was able to store most of it in my freezer stash.

Since finishing up the mini milk sampler I now pump about 6-8 ounces of combined milk which is more than double of where I started from.


Key Points Before You Buy

  1. To get the most out of your products it is suggested you eat 2 cookies per day, or 1 brownie, smoothie, tea, or lemonade per day.
  2. Be prepared to hide your treats from household members. Yes, they are that good!
  3. Lactation aids such as these are great, however, you must keep up with an effective and frequent pumping and nursing routine to establish a healthy milk supply.
  4. Allow about a week to see differences in your milk supply 
  5. Products can not be returned or exchanges as they are edible items.


My little one now sleeps a good 5-6 hour stretch at night after nursing, I’m generating enough milk to meet his new 4 ounces per bottle feeding while I’m at work, and I’m able to rebuild and maintain my freezer stash. Since I had such great results and the products was extremely delicious, I do plan to order the brownies again as well as try their herbal supplements which they say is their most potent product out of everything in the line. 


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