5 Ways to fight New Mom Exhaustion

Hey Mom! When was the last time you had a good nap since your little one has arrived? Can't remember? Neither do I! Like many new moms, I have found myself to be very exhausted in more ways than one. I recently decided it is time to change this and fight off this new mom exhaustion.



5 Ways To Fight New Mom Exhaustion

1. Embrace The New Normal

The first step to fighting off new mom exhaustion is embracing your new role. Even if this is baby number two or three every new baby is a completely different experience for you and for sure for your baby. Take time to embrace the new normal. Get to know your little one, what they like and dislike, the best ways to comfort them etc. This is very important for you first-time moms. I mean you were just single as a pringle and now you have this little cute face looking back at you all day. 

2. Get Into Routine

One of the biggest tips I always give moms is to develop a routine for you and your little ones. This is not to be confused with a schedule. I actually do not suggest schedules in the beginning because you have to learn your LO. Let them control the game for a few weeks so you can see what they naturally will do and this will actually help with creating a schedule for them later. A routine is figuring out the overall normal of your day. For example, every morning my LO and I wake at 5 am for him to nurse before I prepare my 7-year-old  for school, this allows me to focus on one kid at a time. Find little routines you can do throughout your day to make things a bit easier for you and your LO. 

3. Momma Needs a Nap 

TAKE YOUR NAP(S)!! It is important for you to get your rest so that you can properly care for your baby. When you know your baby is going to sleep for a long stretch take the time to sneak in a nap for yourself. Utilize your partner to help watch over the baby so that you can rest uninterrupted. I find that morning naps work well for me once my 7-year-old is off to school my newborn is up and ready to nurse again before he takes his first long stretch nap of the day once he is ready to be put down for a nap I sneak in an hour for myself. 


4. Eat Well and Drink Water

The new mom diet is just as real as the new mom exhaustion. On many days I find myself forgetting to eat. As a nursing mom, this is a big no-no, not eating a balanced meal can actually cause a decrease in your milk supply. Try to find ways to sneak in lots of healthy snacks in between meals. I also keep a water bottle handy near me at all times so I can remember to drink water.

5. Ask For and Accept Help

This is where your partner or loved ones come in handy! You're new to this and you need a little help balancing it all and that is totally normal and ok. Seek help from those around you even if it is having your partner watch baby so you can shower or by having a loved one over to help make dinner or tidy up. Never let someone make you feel like asking for help is too much.

Don’t worry mom, you got this! Your doing an amazing job, but don’t forget to take care of YOU first!

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