13 Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

Working from home is something many new moms dream of. Being able to make a decent income while being able to save money on childcare and spend as much time with your little one(s) as possible is a very ideal situation for most. Like I said in my previous blog Real Jobs for a Stay at Home Mom. I'm not here to give you a bunch of ideas of ways to make money at home I'm here to give you REAL and LEGIT job opportunities and tips for you to be able to provide for your family.

13 Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

When it comes to working from home there are many benefits and there are tons of opportunities to do so that come about every day. Many companies offer positions at home because it helps them cut the cost of having to establish offices or call centers. It also allows them to reach more cities and states to offer opportunities and services for not only employees but their customers. 

I first got into working from home after meeting my husband who has now been successfully working from home for over 10 years. He makes a great income and is able to be home to help tend to our kids and save us tons of money on having to pay for childcare. He loves the flexibility in his schedule, being able to have health and dental benefits for us, and not having to fight through traffic like I do every morning in my commute. Before we dig into whos hiring let me first set you up for success with these few tips. 

13 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

What To Avoid

Avoid companies that ask for money up front. Yes, there are some legit companies that do ask for money up front but usually, it's a lot to go through to get hired and the money is not refundable. However, there are some companies that may request you pay for your own background or drug testing which is very typical for companies to ask for, and 100% ok to do

What To Look For

When searching on a companies website for work at home positions it's key to know the work from home lingo. You want to search for keywords like 'Telecommute' or 'Remote'. It is rare companies simply put 'Work at home' on a job listing. What if I see a remote position but it has a city or state I'm not living in? A lot of times companies list the corporate office city and state on remote jobs. Do not let that scare you off unless the description specifically says you need to live in a certain city or state, apply for the position. 


Again, these are legitimate job opportunities and like any job, you will need a quality resume. Companies look for customer service experience so if you have it create a resume that shines heavily on your customer service experience and skills. Some companies do offer many "degree necessary" opportunities so make sure you read the job listing thoroughly to make sure your resume fits the position you are seeking and the company is asking to be filled.  If you need help writing or correcting your existing resume I suggest finding either a freelance resume builder or a company that helps in building resumes. 

What You May Need

Over the years I've watched my husband purchase lots of work at home equipment. He had a nice amount of products that didn't work well and some that are excellent. Some companies do offer equipment to their new hires as apart of the position but that's rare. So, Here is a basic list of items you may need for your new position

  • Noise Canceling Headset - if your working and your little one makes a noise the customer will not hear. Of course, you want to make sure your background is as quiet as possible but having a noise canceling headset will be a life saver! You also want to make sure its comfortable to wear since you will be wearing it a lot. Invest in a HIGH-QUALITY headset like this one ( Platronics S12 Corded Telephone Headset )

  • Desktop Computer or Laptop- The company will let you know which they prefer. Some companies even send you equipment.

  • Computer Monitors- Often you may need to replace a monitor or need to have dual monitoring. You can purchase monitors super cheap at tour local computer stores or pawn shops.

  • Hardwire Internet Connection - Many companies do not allow WiFi as the connection is not always stable. They also prefer hardwire for their customer security as WiFi service is easily hackable.

  • Dedicated phone line- There are a few companies that allow you to work right from your cell phone, however most companies will require you to have a landline phone. You can get landline service really cheap these days through providers.

  • Printer and Scanner- It's good to be able to print off important documents. Many companies email documents that you have to sign and return. So having a two in one printer like the Canon Office and Business MB2720 All in One is great to have at home so you're not dragging the little ones out to your nearest print and scan store.

Is Working at Home For You?

Working from home takes a lot of discipline. You have to be dedicated to your schedule, willing to be in the home and not interacting amongst other like a typical job, and you have to be determined. It may seem easy to work from home but trust me it can be just as much as working in an office setting. Before you look for jobs be sure this is something you can honestly see yourself doing. If you like social interaction at work, or not disciplined enough to make yourself work then working from home may not be the job for you. 

 Ok, I think your all set. Here is a master list of companies offering Work at home positions. 

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**Work at home jobs fill up QUICK! they are in high demand and companies only offer so many positions at a time. DO NOT hesitate to apply and if you do not see any positions available check back to the site often as companies post new opportunities every day!

Are you looking for work from home jobs? Here is a list of legit jobs hiring for work at home. Start working from home today! #workfromhome #wah #stayathomemom #jobs


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