10 Reasons WHY You Should Breastfeed


If that isn't enough of a reason I don't know what is. You literally produce the milk yourself FOR FREE.  Everyone loves free stuff right? In the first year, you can save $2000+ on formula by nursing.  That sounds like a MUCH needed vacation money. 

2. The Bond

The bond you have with your little one is AMAZING! It's like the same bond you have with them during your pregnancy but BETTER. Watching your LO nourish themselves off of the milk you produced for them is an amazing feeling. 

3. The Benefits 

Breastmilk is super beneficial it is full of vitamins, protein, and contains ZERO chemicals or preservatives. Check Out this list of nutrients found in breastmilk  via americanpregnancy.org

4. It's Convenient!

When you breastfeed your milk is always warm and ready!  Your LO can feed instantly just whip it out and let them latch! Having this milk on demand comes in handy during night feedings, moments when your little one is irritably hungry or just eliminating the process of having to make a bottle. That means less bottles for you to wash! 

5. Weight Loss  

Breastfeeding burns calories! It's true look it up! Nursing can burn 300-500 calories a day which is helpful for a mom who wants to lose their pregnancy weight. However, nursing can make you very hungry so when you are nursing make sure you snack lightly (in calories that is).

6. Empowerment  

Watching your little one grow off of the milk you make for them is empowering, af. Using your body for what it is naturally made for while watching them grow is rewarding.  

7. Medical Treatment  

Breastmilk is a natural healer. Check out this blog on the different uses for breastmilk! 

8. Just to Try!  

As humans, we tend to knock things before we try them.  We go into it with this mindset before even giving it a go. If you try nursing and it's not for you that's okay! At least you gave it a shot! With nursing you can always try it and switch to formula if it is not for you. If you start with formula and your milk dries up, reproducing that milk will be a challenging journey. 

9. Help normalize it!  

There has been a long battle with breastfeeding rights. It is 2018 and being able to breastfeed in public in all 50 states has JUST BEEN PASSED. The more moms that breastfeed the more it becomes normal.  Join the movement! Help Normalize it! 

10. Breast is Best!  

*drop mic* That is all! 


Disclaimer: We are aware that there are some mothers who cannot breastfeed due to production issues, medical issues, etc.  This blog is not to make those women feel bad, it is to encourage the mothers that are able to breastfeed to give it a try.  Making sure your little one is properly nourished, wether formula or breast, is the main goal.  

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