How and Why You Should Haakaa: Silicone Breast Pump

During my pregnancy, I searched for all the tips and tricks to maintain my breastmilk supply. In that search, I found tons of things, but there was one item that stood out and I regret not purchasing it sooner! Fast forward 3 months postpartum with a struggling milk supply I finally did what I should have done from the day I saw it online. I purchased a Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump!


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Haakaa Hands Free Manual Breast Pump

What is a Haakaa? 

The Haakaa is a silicone manual one piece breast pump or collection cup for nursing mothers. It is designed for you to collect milk hands-free while nursing, sitting around the house, washing dishes, etc. 

What is it For? 

The Haakaa collects milk from your let down which is milk most moms typically leak out while nursing on the other breast. Did you know on average a mom can leak 2-5 ounces of milk a day into their nursing pads? What a waste of your precious milk. Using the Hakkaa helps you to store more milk by catching a few ounces during times you typically wouldn’t. “What if I don’t experience leaking?” No problem, the Haakaa will still collect milk most of the time even if you are not a mom who experiences leaking. I personally was not a leaker but would still experience let downs often, which I collect in my Haakaa.

Who can use a Haakaa? 

The Haakaa is intended to be used by any breastfeeding mom. It’s a one size fits all style pump and from one large breasts mom to another “you good girl!”. The Haakaa also works well on moms with smaller breasts.

How Do I Use A Haakaa? 


The Haakaa is very easy to use. When you first receive yours you want to be sure to clean with mild soap and water and sterilize before use. When you’re ready to use it, take it out of its storage bag and fold back the flange of the Haakaa. Folding back the flange will make sure you have a fitting suction and seal so your Haakaa doesn’t fall off while collecting. You will then squeeze the axe of the Haakaa to begin creating suction. Place your nipple in the center of the flange facing the bottom of the base, and simultaneously you will fold flange back in place while slowing releasing your squeeze on the base. From there you should have a nice seal and suction. It may take a few tries to get it just right so don’t be afraid to break the seal using a finger and reattach.

When Should I Use My Haakaa

You can use your Haakaa at any time. I have found I get the best results while I’m nursing my son. By him latching a stimulating my breast to produce milk I almost always have very intense let down sensations on the opposite breast. So by placing my Haakaa on the breast he is not nursing from I can collect 2-4 oz of milk every time he nurses. I also like to use my Haakaa.

What Are The Pros?

  • Hands-free pumping

  • One Piece for easy cleaning

  • Easy to use

  • Helps to maintain milk supply

  • Helps to build a freezer stash

  • Perfect for traveling

  • Fits all size breast

What Are The Cons? 

  • Measurement markings are incorrect, it gives you an estimate amount of milk collected.

  • Once full suction weakens, be sure to watch it so it doesn’t fall off and you spill your precious milk you worked so hard for

Why Do I Need One? 

The Haakaa is a great BONUS accessory to have in rotation with your normal nursing and pumping routine. This is not to replace your electric or standard manual pump as it does not fully empty the breast. By attaching it to the breast your baby isn’t nursing on at the moment you can collect milk you typically wouldn’t collect or you leak out during a let down. During your breastfeeding journey, every drop of milk is important and essential to your babies development.  Since using my Haakaa I have collected an additional 12-16oz of milk a day. So I say it’s worth it! 

Where Do I Buy a Haakaa? 

You may purchase your Haakaa HERE! You may also visit HERE to see if you can possibly find it in stores near you. For moms with older little ones or moms with a heavier milk supply check out the Haakaa 3rd Generation Pump


Haakaa has a lot more to offer moms, babies and toddlers. Visit there site today to check out their teethers, bottles, pumps, and more.  


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