New Year, New Momma: 7 New Year Resolutions For Every Mom

Happy New Year! A new year brings endless possibilities, 365 possibilities to be exact. We are at the part of the year where we all vow to make changes and be our best selves and that typically lasts for about two weeks and then the momentum plunges drastically. Why? Most of our resolutions are not well thought out, not realistic, or not fueled by true passion. NOT THIS YEAR! This year we are going to kick ass at all our resolutions by making real ones.

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7 New Year Resolutions For Every Mom


No, no, not your body, (that’s important too, don’t get me wrong) but your mind. Did you know reading gives your brain a full body work out? Yay, so keep reading to get your daily workout in ;). Pick up a few books this year and read. Try to gather a list of books that are motivating and enjoyable. 

Be a better girlfriend! 

We all are guilty of letting some friendships slip through the cracks of non communication. This year check on your girlfriends. If they don’t live in the same city/state as you, go visit for a few days. No excuses, as moms we need our good girlfriends. Encourage one another and hold each other accountable for your goals, dreams, and ideas. 

Put Them Kids to Bed 

Seriously, set a bed time about an hour or more before your own and stick to it. You need that hour of wind down time to regroup and mentally de-stress from the day. We often rush to bed as soon as we lay our children down or we let them run till the fall out on their own and mom, that’s not ok.

Write Things Down

We have become to into technology and the easy way of life we forget the importance of old fashion pen and paper. Writing things physically helps build memory and if your mom brain is anything like mine, you need all the memory building you can get. Write down your goals, plans, schedule, etc. this will help you be organized and mentally refreshed.  

Stop Engaging in Negativity  

We do this unconsciously. Ever scroll Facebook and see a meme someone re-shared that’s kind of mean, but funny and you hold down that like the button to ‘ha-ha’ at the picture, or you comment something witty? Yeah, that’s engaging in negativity. Try to avoid this negativity. That moment of laughter has been often times, some else’s insecurities, fears, or trigger of depression. Spread love in 2019! 

Be grateful for what you have  

Over the years I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. Let me tell you, you will never truly appreciate anything if you don’t appreciate what you already have. Ok, so your car has some miles on it and a few years old. Go get your car washed, detailed if you can. Fill that tank up and appreciate you have a running vehicle. We often look past the things that are great with our desires in mind. I’m here to tell you that it gets you nowhere if you can’t appreciate what you already have and treat it with care how are you going to treat that brand new car after the new car smell wears off. 

Spend Time Creating Memories  

That job or that tv show can wait. Grab your family and create memories with each other. Take tons of pictures and print them! Even if you are just lounging around the house in your pjs pull out a board game and your camera and live in the moment. Your family will only be the size and this age once. Do not let it pass you up without capturing it and creating long lasting memories. 

Ok, so that’s all easy, right? Well, you got your brain workout for the day go make a memory or clean that car. 

What are your new year resolutions? How do you plan to make this year better than last year?  

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