Increase Your Milk Supply by Putting Power Pumping Into Action

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I struggled with maintaining my milk supply once my little one came home from the NICU and even more once I returned to work. I tried many things like using lactation supplements and using my Haakaa every chance I got. Those things worked great for me, and I suggest you do the same. However, there was one tip I got from a fellow mom that made the difference quickly, Power Pumping.

Does power pumping work? Is what you may be thinking. Or you may be thinking what power pumping is? Either way, you’re in the right place, and I’m going to tell you all you need to know along with some tips and tricks to make power pumping effective. By the time you finish reading, you’ll know how to increase your supply fast

Power Pumping is a strategy used to help increase milk supply by mimicking cluster feeding. This strategy will help you empty your breast more signaling the body to produce more milk.

The power pumping strategy should only be used to replace one of your pumping sessions per day, or as an addition to exclusive latching. Power pumping is NOT to replace traditional pumping.

Increase Your Milk Supply Fast wit Power Pumping


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Breastmilk is all about supply and demand, and this concept is crucial for you to remember throughout your breastfeeding journey. The more you tell your body to produce more milk,  it will create more.  So power pumping in a sense is a way to trick your body into producing more milk by mimicking cluster feeding. Babies tend to cluster feed on and off for many different reasons, however it typically for a short period so implementing power pumping will help our body stay on the producing path.

How Do I Power Pump

Choose one hour out of your day that you can sit still and focus on pumping uninterrupted. I know this may sound impossible but trust me; it is worth it, and I’m sure you can use the “me-time.” Feel free to apply a face mask during this time or catch up o your favorite show.

  1. Get comfortable! You're going to be here for a while. Prop up a back pillow for comfort and support.

  2. Set up your pump and grab some water. I suggest getting a lidded water cup if you do not already have one.

  3. Start Pumping

  4. Simultaneously pump both breasts for 20 minutes

  5. Rest 10 Minutes

  6. Simultaneously pump both breasts for 10 minutes

  7. Rest 10 minutes

  8. Simultaneously pump both breasts for 10 minutes

You will want to continue power pumping an hour a day for seven days to see a difference.

(Note: Every mom is different. Some do not respond well to pumping vs. latching from the baby so results may vary.)

Are you looking to increase your milk supply? This easy and FAST solution will help! Click through to get started. #breastfeeding #increasemilksupply #newmom #powerpumping #breastpump

Tip on having a productive power pumping session

Stay Hydrated

Breastmilk is 90% water. Your body needs water to do daily functions and making breast milk is on that list. When I began nursing, I naturally got a lot more thirsty, especially while I was pumping.

I suggest finding a large reusable water bottle/cup like this one. It will come in handy as you won't need to refill it often, and you can be sure you're intaking enough water.


Stress never does the body, and it can decrease your supply. Try to pump during times when you can be comfortable and relaxed. Try essential oils or relaxing music to help set the tone.

Use Proper Breast Pump Equipment

One of my mistakes early on was using a flange that was too big for me. I automatically assumed due to having larger breast I would need a larger flange. I was completely wrong. If you are unsure of your flange size, you can ask a lactation specialist to fit you properly.

Most hospitals have a lactation center that you can utilize. Your insurance may also cover lactation specialist. Check with your provider and local lactation center for details.

Eat Enough Calories

It's no secret that pumping and nursing burn calories, 300-500 calories a day to be exact. I know this sounds great, but you want to be sure you are consuming enough calories a day to maintain your milk supply; otherwise, power pumping will not be beneficial to you.

You should try to intake 200-500 additional calories a day to maintain a healthy calorie intake. 

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