How To Build A Breastmilk Freezer Stash While Breastfeeding

How And Why You Should Increase Your Breast Milk Stash!

I have heard countless stories about moms who struggled with producing a good milk stash before they return to work. Or ones where they had a GREAT milk stash and a few months after returning to work their stash dwindled down to nothing.

For any mom, especially a working mom, having a substantial milk stash is a must. During maternity leave, most nursing moms try their hardest to get a jump start on their stash. Some fall short, and some achieve beyond what they need. I am here to help you increase your stash by not letting a single drop of milk go to waste!

How And Why You Should Increase Your Breast Milk Stash! #BreastMilkStash #PowerPumping #BreastfeedingItems

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Do you know how much milk is wasted in reusable and disposable nursing pads? With random let downs during the day and or when your little one is feeding on one side. You could waste between one-two ounces per pad a day. That wasted milk could be saved for your little one to enjoy later on.

Here’s how to stop wasting milk and increase your milk stash.




I was introduced to the greatness of a Haakaa so late in the game I could strangle myself. I knew what it was but never knew it was worth the money. Haakaa’s are Suction milk collectors as I like to call it. They are great for collecting milk while you are nursing, releasing milk when you are engorged without the pain from pumping. They are also perfect for sore nips that need to be drained as well. I ALWAYS encourage my nursing moms to buy a Haakaa. 

Have you ever been out and your boobs were on fire? You get home and let your little one relieve you from the pain? All the while the boob their not nursing on is throbbing from fullness. THAT is where a Haakaa comes into play. To drain and collect the milk while you nurse your little one.

Read more on How and Why You Should Haakaa.


Milkies Milk Savers

Milk savers are worn like breast pads but instead of soaking in your liquid gold it collects it for your stash. Just wear them in your bra as you normally would your nursing pads and collect away!

Milkies can collect over 2 ounces of milk!

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 10.28.28 AM.png

Breast Milk Shells

Breast milk shells are work just like milkies savers and nursing pads. Just like Milkie savers, they collect milk for you to add to your stash later on. There are so many milk collecting cups out there I linked the one that I heard great reviews on.


Moms who have used the items above reported better milk stashes! If you are a working mama or a stay at home, don’t let any of your precious milk go to waste! Use collectors to help increase your stash.

Having a GREAT stash is peace of mind for a nursing mother, especially a working one. Maintaining a great stash will prevent you from stress when your little one cluster feeds or waste milk.

Have you used any of the items mentioned above? How was your experience?

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