Make The Most Of Your Maternity Shoot; Tips from a photographer

Make The Most Of Your Maternity Shoot; Tips from a photographer

Make The Most Of Your Maternity Shoot; Tips from a photographer

Pregnancy is a BEAUTIFUL journey in its own, whether you are a first-time mom, or on your third child, it is just as equally blissful. Maternity Photography is a session I believe every mother should take part in, if able. I am an experienced photographer, and I ALWAYS give my clients a few tips when they book me for maternity sessions.

Why Maternity Pictures Are A Must

Pregnancy is a moment to celebrate, and the photographer in me feels like moments such as that is worth capturing. You will look back at those photos; your children will, their children will and so on. Pregnancy and the first year of your babies life goes by so fast you will be thankful you took a moment to appreciate and capture the new life you are bringing into this world.

Book Before You Spread

One of the top questions I hear is “when should I book my session” booking your session should be entirely up to you. However, I ALWAYS suggest between 28-34 weeks, and that depends on the person. Nothing is worse than taking pictures when to look and feel so over pregnancy, and your nose has spread, your face or feet are swollen, and you are simply not feeling your best. I always tell my clients to book before you spread. Granted not every one spreads, it is just a saying. With all of that said, pick a week/month that YOU feel is a good month to take your pictures.

Make The Most Of Your Maternity Shoot; Tips from a photographer

Have A Vision. Nothing Should Be Impossible.

When booking and paying for a session YOU should be able to have your vision come to life, Pinterest is a GREAT search engine for inspiration when planning your session. Plan a shoot that is dear to YOUR heart, and that represents who you are and your connection with your little one. No should not be an answer from your photographer unless it is harmful to you and your baby.

Find A GREAT and Reliable Photographer

Find a great, reliable and trusting photographer. Having that will make your sessions A LOT more comfortable and fun! When looking for a photographer make sure you search for one that can produce the vision that you have.

Making sure they’re reliable is a MUST, no one wants to deal with someone that will cancel on them last minute or give them horrible customer service. As a mom-to-be, your hormones cannot take that stress. Interview your photographer and see their work before you book and pay your deposit.

Prepare to Spend CASH.

Photography is NOT cheap, prepare to invest in an AMAZING session and photos. There is a lot that goes into photography, and the more seasoned a photographer is, the more you will pay. Photography is like tattoos; you get what you pay for. I am not telling you to pay a gazillion dollars, however, look to spend between $200-$500 between the session and photos.

Photos are an object that can last a lifetime, and get passed down to generations. Keep that in mind when your photographer presents you with the price.

Make The Most Of Your Maternity Shoot; Tips from a photographer

Wear Something Light, Comfortable and Flattering.

You are pregnant so being comfortable is a MUST! If you are uncomfortable in your pictures nine times out of ten, it will show. Make sure the clothing you chose fit comfortably, isn’t too hot or warm. If you are a sweater, be careful of clothing that will show armpit wetness. (I am sure the photographer can edit it out, but still) Just think smart and plan accordingly before you buy your outfit.

Pick a color that will make your skin POP and bring out your features. Find outfits that are flattering to your new shape, especially your belly. Picking the right outfit that is comfortable and flattering MAKES the pictures ten times better.

Hair and Makeup are a MUST (or not)

I am a plain jane. I don’t wear a ton of makeup if any on a given day. However, pictures will bring out all of your flaws. Our cameras are capturing you in HIGH DEFINITION, yes HD. A little bit of light makeup (or heavy, if that’s your thing) not only gives your skin and overall appearance a better “look” on camera but its a confidence booster. Contact your nearest Makeup Artist, make sure they know you will be taking photos, so they know how to properly apply your makeup for the best on camera look.

Hair can be done by a professional, or you can do it yourself. Give your hair a bit more love than you usually do when styling it. Nothing will boost your confidence in front of that camera than when you know you look and feel good.

Bring Water and a Light Snack

Sessions can be long sometimes. Make sure you eat before your session and bring a light snack. Always drink or eat with a towel (bib), so you don’t drip or drop snacks on your outfit.

  • Session Vision (Check)

  • Reliable/Trusted Photographer (Check)

  • Hair (check)

  • Makeup (check)

  • Comfortable/Flattering Outfit (Check)

You are Camera READYYY!

Make The Most Of Your Maternity Shoot; Tips from a photographer

Here Are A Few Tips To Include In Your Session.

Include Your Partner

I believe moms should take pictures on their own as well as with their partner. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing a couple of maternity session with the dad loving on the mom-to-be and baby.

Include Siblings

If this is your second or more time around, include the little ones. They are about to begin a new chapter of their life and hopefully are as equally excited. Nothing is cuter than seeing siblings captured with their sibling-to-be.

Live In The Moment

Remember to live in the moment. Soak in the session. Keep a clear positive mind and ROCK your photoshoot. Make sure to take lots of candids on your smartphone or camera as you prepare for your session and after.


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Make The Most Of Your Maternity Shoot; Tips from a photographer. #maternitysession #maternityshoot #maternityphotography

What tips do you have for a mom-to-be? Please comment them below!

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