Incredibly Useful Tips for Breastfeeding with Large Breast

As the self-proclaimed spokesperson of the big titty committee, I have some tea for my fellow large breast moms and moms to be. WE CAN SUCCESSFULLY BREASTFEED!

Useful tips for breastfeeding with large breast #breastfeeding #nursing #breastfed #plussize

Breastfeeding is an excellent way for mothers to bond with their new baby while providing them with tons of nutrients. When I decided to breastfeed my biggest concern was the size of my breast. I’m a 44D, not as large as some but a pretty nice size to consider with a little newborn, especially since I have premature babies. Most moms naturally have large breast; however, many moms develop larger breast through pregnancy.

Breastfeeding can be intimidating and overwhelming, for any new mom, so having larger breast can add to that as regular nursing positions are not comfortable. You also will have the discomfort of your already heavy breasts feeling heavier due to your milk supply.

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Breastfeeding Tips For Larger Breast

Find The Right Bra

The best time to shop for maternity bras is during your third trimester. By this time your breast should be the size, they will be until after you have finished your nursing journey. When looking for a bra, the biggest thing you need is support. Your breast will be heavier than usual and to prevent back pain a good supportive bra will help. You also want to avoid bras with underwire. Underwire can press against your breast tissue which can cause Issues with your milk ducts. Making sure your bra fits comfortably is key. A bra that is to loose will be uncomfortable to your back and chest and a bra to tight will and times when you are full or possibly engorged a nightmare.

I found myself scrolling through online maternity store for bras, and the price of a plus size maternity bra is outrageous. I knew I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a bra that I would only be wearing short term. So I headed to my local Walmart and Amazon and found some gems.

Gratlin Women’s Comfort Support Plus Size Nursing Bra 


This sports bra style bra was surprisingly supportive. The racer-back design helped provide support for my heavy breast, and the material was soft and had a great stretch. It has nursing clips so you can comfortably and efficiently nurse your baby. They also go up to an E cup in size.

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Gratlin Softcup Supportive Wire Free Nursing Bra


The best part about this bra is that it comes with extended back hooks. The extension allows you to adjust the bra as needed. I wore this bra during my third trimester, and with my expanding rib cage, my everyday bras would be a bit uncomfortable. I still wear this bra on my casual T-shirt and legging days.

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Loving Moments Wire free Maternity Bra 

What I loved most about this bra was the design. I was able to still feel cute and not like a milk machine. It was very supportive, and the clips are sturdy. I have had done bras where the clips would unsnap on their own throughout the day, and it was annoying.

Purchase Yours Here

Invest in a back pillow!

Every nursing mom should invest in a quality back pillow. It helps during late night feedings and the first weeks home with baby as you heal. I had a c-section this time around, so my back pillow was needed as sitting up was very uncomfortable with my scar and heavy breast.

Ask for help

In the hospital ask for a lactation nurse. These breastfeeding fairies are genuinely fantastic. They see women of all shapes and sizes, so they know a thing or to when it comes to nursing especially moms with large breast. My lactation nurse was able to give me advice on the best nursing positions that would be comfortable for baby and me as well as tips and resources on how to be able to nurse successfully and build and maintain my milk supply.

Try New Positions

For all moms, it takes a while to find your breastfeeding groove. You and baby are learning together on how this all works and trying to make it as comfortable an natural feeling as possible. Typically when you are in the hospital, they will first show you how to nurse your baby in the cradle position. This position will be better once your little one is bigger but holding a tiny newborn in that position while trying to make sure your breast is not smothering baby can be almost impossible. If you do not have a boppy or nursing pillow, you need one. While using your boppy, place your baby in the football position. The football position will give you better control over the feeding. With baby under your arm, you won't have to worry much about him/her moving a lot, and you can have a better visual of the baby to make sure they latch correctly and remain comfortable during the feed. My favorite position is nursing laying down. You can lay down on your left or right side and position baby up to your nipple. Although these two positions worked great for me every mom is different try all the positions there are until you find what works best for you.


Nipple Shield

Some moms with larger breast will experience issues with getting baby to latch correctly. Some moms even have flat or inverted nipples. That is when a nipple shield comes into play. A nipple shield is a thin silicone nipple that you place over your nipple to assist baby with latching and feeding. The Medela Nipple Shield honestly saved me in the beginning. Since my baby was premature his ability to suck was very weak. The shield allowed me to still nurse my baby by giving him a more support nipple to latch to and quickly draw milk. I suggest any mom having difficulty with babies latch to request one from your lactation nurse, or you can purchase one by clicking here ‘Medela Nipple Shield.’ The nipple shield should only be used temporarily to assist the baby and not as a permanent resource.

Support/Shape Your Breast

Larger breasts are heavy, and sometimes your nipple may be pointing downward. To help your baby latch properly, you want to hold your breast in a “C” hold around the areola but not touching the areola.

Useful tips for breastfeeding with large breast #breastfeeding #nursing #breastfed #plussize

Breast Hygiene

If you have larger breasts, then you know boob sweat is real! You want to make sure you keep your breasts clean and dry. Excess moisture on the skin can cause a build-up of yeast and bacteria you don’t want to transfer to the baby. You also want to make sure you are putting your bras in the laundry. I suggest using a mild or hypoallergenic detergent to avoid irritating your babies skin and yours.

Large Breast = More Milk?

One of the biggest myths about breastfeeding is that larger breast will produce more milk. I'm here to tell you it’s simply not true. Your milk supply is based on your milk-making glands not the actual tissue of the breast. It is also common for moms with larger breast to never feel “full” or engorged. So it may cause you to think your supply is low, but that is not the case. The best way to judge your supply is your baby. Are they satisfied after feeding? Does your baby nurse without signs of “fighting” for milk? Is your baby having plenty of wet diapers? If so then your milk supply should be just fine. If you do find yourself needing help or having concerns with your supply contact a lactation specialist or your doctor for advice

Breastfeeding Tips for Larger Breast  

Nursing In Public


Im a nurse anywhere and everywhere type of mom. I do not have an issue with nursing publicly. However it did take some getting use to. When you are out of your comfort element of having your boppy or back pillow to assist you it can get a little tricky.

  • Find chairs that recline if possible. A reclining chair will help give you support to comfortably balance baby while nursing.

  • Wear easy accessible clothing. This will help make it easy to nurse on demand without fight through your clothes to do so

  • Bring a fluffy blanket. A nice blanket can serve as a boppy. Just roll it up and place it under your arm to help support your arms or baby if your baby wants to have a longer feed.

  • Use positions that are comfortable to you this will make things easier for you and keep baby from being to fussy or having a lot of movement.

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