Nursing Mom Gift Guide

Being a nursing mom was probably the most dedicated thing I have ever done. Breastfeeding takes a lot of knowledge, time, and selflessness; but it was the most rewarding decision I have ever made. Plus it saved us a SHIT load of money which was GREAT! In the first six months, the average family spends around $200 a month on formula, FOR ONE BABY. I have probably saved close to $2,000 because of breastfeeding.

Nursing Mom Gift Guide

This gift guide is perfect for the expecting woman in your life. If she plans to breastfeed, she will need a few, if not all, of these items to help it go smoothly. Breastfeeding is a tough journey, especially at the beginning, an expecting mom will need all the support and necessary items to help her along the way. 

Nursing Mom Gift Guide

  1. Haakaa Silicone Pump- I became hip to this gadget so late in the game I could’ve screamed. My friend told me about it around my 9th-month breastfeeding, and it was a HIT! It came in handy when I needed to up my milk stash and to help relieve engorged breast without having to pump. Check out this blog on why you need a Haakaa.

  2. Free The Nips Nipple Balm- Every nursing mom needs a nipple balm. I am a big fan of organic/vegan made balms so that I know my baby isn’t latching to harsh chemicals. You will need nipple balm right away, literally within the first few days of nursing. The first latch is no joke.

  3. Ilovesia Full Bust Seamless Maternity Bra- Your breast will be sooooo heavy from your milk. Having an excellent supportive and comfortable bra is a MUST! Nursing bras are amazing when it comes to comfortably feeding your baby in and out of the house. If you are a more bustier woman, check out this blog for breastfeeding with larger breast.

  4. Rebabies Eco-Friendly Reusable Nursing Pads- My breast leaked so much it was crazy. I don’t think I stopped leaking until my son was around 11 months. I had a high milk supply from day one. Reusable pads are eco and cost-friendly. However, I do suggest keeping some disposable ones handy as well.

  5. Coolife Motivational Tracking Water Bottle- Water is the NUMBER ONE milk-making ingredient. Most women who suffer from low supply is because they are not consuming enough water during the day and or pumping as often as they should. This bottle is a great reminder to get your hydration in.

  6. 3-Tier Metal Rolling Utility Cart- Nursing moms, have A LOT of items. It is so much easier when you store them all together for easy accessibility. On this cart, you can keep your breast pump, nipple balms, diapers, wipes, milk collectors, burping cloths, etc. The best thing about this cart is that it transitions from room to room.

  7. Back Rest Pillow With Arms- You don’t have to be a nursing mom to own one of these pillows, but it came in handy for me big time when I was nursing. I didn’t have one of those fancy rocking chairs in my house to feed my son in, so my bed was the next best thing. I HIGHLY suggest a backrest pillow.

  8. Round Hot and Cold Packs- Your nips will become dry, cracked, and sore a few times within this journey. Balm and a good ice/warm pack are much needed. The great thing about these packs is that they slip right into your bra with no problem — instant and comfortable relief.

  9. Manual Breast Pump- My manual pump came in handy more than I thought it would. I prefered it over my electric one. I only used my electric pump when I needed to be hands-free while releasing milk. Manual pumps come in handy for traveling, being out and about, and during the night time pumps.

  10. Wearable Infinity Nursing Scarf- I am a fan of just whipping it out and feeding whenever, wherever. However, there were days when I needed a nursing scarf due to weather (windy outdoor days) or just when I wanted some privacy. I suggest owning one. Check out this blog on a 4-in-one Koobie Cover.

  11. Iceya Finger Ring Stand Holder- With me running a blog and having my businesses, I am always on my phone. I don’t know about you all, but I am clumsy, I drop my phone at least three times a day. Having one of these was excellent way to ensure that I wouldn’t drop my phone on my sons head while nursing

  12. Lavie Lactation Massage Roller- Not only does your nip become sore but your whole breast can as well. A lactation massager roller comes in handy when you are engorged, have a clogged duct or just tenderness. The massager also helps to improve milk flow.

I swore by every item I am suggesting today — these items made this breastfeeding journey of mine smoother and more enjoyable. So if you are planning to breastfeed or have a breastfeeding woman in your life, I hope this guide helps and good luck on your magical journey! 

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