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How and Why You Should Haakaa: Silicone Breast Pump

Learn how to use your Haakaa breast pump and why you should as a breastfeeding mom.  

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Increase Your Milk Supply with Milky Mama LLC

When I discovered I was pregnant again with my second child I immediately made the decision that  I wanted to breastfeed my baby. After having not such a successful experience with my first this was my chance to try again.

In the very beginning my milk supply was amazing,  for a mom who had delivered prematurely. I had no issues getting my milk supply going and producing enough for my newborn, but then it changed.

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FREE Breast Pump with Insurance

Are you currently or planning to breastfeed your baby? If so there is one item you must have. An electric breast pump! 

Your breast pump will come in handy whether you are returning to work after birth or staying at home to help build and maintain your milk supply.

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