FREE DIY Workshop for Kids at The Home Depot

Home Depot Kids Diy Class

Having my kids learn new, and useful, skills are essential in my household. I was excited to find out about The Home Depot’s Kids DIY Workshops. My sons have learned how to properly use a hammer and nails, along with following step-by-step directions. The look on their face when everything is assembled and painted is priceless. The best part about this workshop is IT'S FREE! 


The Home Depot host their workshops every first Saturday of the month. Between the hours of 9am-12pm.  You can show up any time between those hours with your little ones. Your child will receive an apron to work in, along with a pin and certificate once their project is complete. 

My 4-year-old and 6-year-old love their monthly trips to The Home Depot. If you’re looking for free fun, I suggest attending one of their workshops. 

Click Here to find out about the next workshop near you!

Home Depot DIY Kids Class

Benefits Of The Home Depot Free DIY Classes

Teaches Your Little One How To Follow Directions

The packet shows you step-by-step directions on how to complete the project. With our little ones, we thoroughly explain the steps and let the boys finish them on their own. Being able to follow directions is an essential skill for your little ones.

Teaches Them How To Use Tools Properly

The tools required in the workshop usually consist of a hammer, nail, screws and a screwdriver. My four-year-old is impressively good at using a hammer and knows how to use it properly. Becoming familiar with tools and their uses is a great skill for your little ones to learn. Your children will realize that tool are not toys to play with but objects to build with.

Taps Into Their Creative Side

Once your little one completes the assemble they can paint it to their desire. Paint is where you let your little ones creative side take over. There are suggested ways to decorate your project on the instructions. However, this is a PERFECT time to let your little one express their imagination and creativity.

Home Depot Kids DIY Workshop

Self Accomplishment

Nothing is better than seeing your little one’s excitement once their project is complete. We always congratulate our boys on a job well done. As a reward, they have a brand new toy to play with that they built and painted on their own.

Bonding Time

Uninterrupted bonding time is always great with your little ones. With this workshop, you will help and guide your little one all the way through.

It’s FREE!

Because who doesn’t like free stuff? For free you get bonding time, lessons/skill training, and a free toy for your little one! You can’t beat that!

Here are a few pictures from our previous trips!

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