Name Rocket!

Learning How To Spell Their Name With A Name Rocket

Teaching your kids their names does not have to be boring. Creating fun ways for your little ones to know how to identify and spell their name is important. Name rockets is a fun and creative way to get your little one to learn.

Kids can learn to verbally spell their name by age two and physically write it by age three. For them to learn it takes consistency. With Karson I would spell his name in a song Kaayy-ayyee-aarreee-eesss-oooo-nnnn. Eventually he was able to spell it on his own. Physically I printed out tracers of his name and let him practice until he was able to write it without them. Never limit your child when it comes to education and learning something as serious as their name.


  • Construction Paper

  • Tape

  • Black (or colorful) Marker(s)

  • Scissors


Cut out enough squares to spell out your child’s name. Cut out a triangle for the tip of the rocket. Cut out fire strips for the end of the rocket. Tape all of the pieces together (as shown in picture). You can write the child’s name on the squares, or you can let them do it (if able). Help them tape all of the pieces together. Sit back and watch them enjoy playing with their name rocket! You can also tape it to their wall so they can see it and practice identifying and spelling their name.

There are other ways to teach your little one to spell their name. You can teach them in song, repetition, or through fun activities like this name rocket. The possibilities are endless. Creating fun ways to get your little one to learn opens the door for more positive learning acceptance in the future!

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