Treating Baby Chapped Chin or Drool Rash

Ok Moms, me and my little one woke up and we are proceeding with our normal morning routine. I change him, nurse him, and we head back to sleep for an hour. He wakes up and I proceed to change him out of his sleeper pajamas when I was completely shocked and caught off guard at what I saw under his chin. Large dry peeling patches of skin . This definitely was not there the night before. I was so shocked and scared I cried. I know complete mom moment. As I examined his skin I noticed the area was very red and irritated but he didn’t seem bothered by it. So did what any other mom would do, went to Dr. Google!



Via my search I discovered my little one had spot on symptoms for what is called chapped chin or drool rash. I NEVER heard of either or but it made complete sense. My baby is currently 5 months and teething so drool is always everywhere! I do my absolute best to keep him dry by changing his clothes often and bibs but I learned that was not enough.

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I decided to write this post because I want to make sure it’s good information out there for you moms to rely on. Like I said I had never heard of chapped chin or a drool rash till that day and as a mom although a minor situation we instantly become panicked when anything is wrong with our little ones.  


What is chapped chin/drool rash?

This is a mild skin condition that comes from irritation of excessive drool or milk on the skin. As your infant grows and reaches the teething milestone they tend to drool, A LOT! A drool rash can appear as dry chapped skin or patches of small red bumps around the mouth, chin, cheeks, neck, or chest. Drool rash is often seen in teething babies, again like I said they drool ALOT and the constant moisture can cause a rash due to baby still having very sensitive skin.

How do I treat drool rash/ chapped chin?

The key things you can do to prevent and treat drool rash are...

Keeping baby as dry as possible  

I make sure to have quite a few bibs handy at all times this allows my baby to drool freeling and I can just swap them out for a clean dry one without having to constantly change his outfit. I also keep a few extra T-shirt’s on hand to change once he soaks up one. Allowing your baby to sit in a wet shirt or bib can irritate your babies skin and allow the saliva to rest and create this rash. 

Keep face, neck, and chest clean 

This was my mistake! Of course I clean my baby regularly but as I would change his bibs and shirt to keep him dry I didn’t think to clean his face neck and chin every single time as well. This is important like I said allowing the drool to rest can irritate the skin and cause this rash. The best way to clean these areas of your baby’s face is with warm water and use a clean hand. Using a towel or cloth can actually dry out your baby’s skin and the face and neck of a baby is the most sensitive. Also avoid using soaps in these area as they can cause a reaction or irritate the skin. If you do use soap make sure you are using a fragrance free gentle soap. I love the Aquaphor Baby Wash & Shampoo. 

Apply Vaseline or Aquaphor Baby Advanced Healing Ointment

If your little one ends up with this rash you want to apply a thin layer of plain vaseline or you may use the Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment which is very similar to Vaseline but heals much quicker! You will want to apply after each time you clean baby’s irritated area(s).


If you are a nursing mom you should already know your milk is liquid gold! Breast Milk has tons of nutrients and moisturizing properties in it which makes it perfect for treating skin irritation. You can check out 10 Healing Uses for Breastmilk to see other ways your milk can help you and your little one. 

My Results  

Days 1-3 I followed the same routine of keeping him dry and and kept the area clean with his Aquaphor wash, warm water, and applying Aquaphor Healing Ointment. On day 4 I decided to use my breast milk to finish up the job I followed the same routine but instead of applying Ointment I just applied a few drops of fresh breastmilk. I was so pleased with the results and I’ve learned throughout this to help prevent this from coming back. 


Going forward while he is in this drool and teething phase I plan to keep up with the same routine of keeping him dry and keeping is face and neck clean as well as applying ointment and breast milk here and there to keep the area moisturized. 

Now for that mom breakdown I had on day one. I want you to know it’s totally normal and ok to have a mom moment here and there. You have to remind yourself that your human and not super mom sometimes like you seem to be all the time. This was a great lesson for me because it completely humbled me in the sense of knowing I don’t always have it all under control but we will talk about that in a later blog. For now go take care of your little one! 

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