No Cooties Allowed! : Ways to prevent your kids from getting sick this season

With back to school and the change in weather from summer to fall and eventually winter, the last three months of the year are the times when children catch the most cooties and bring them home to us moms to get sick. Well in my house NO COOTIES ALLOWED!

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Kids are little petri dishes of bacteria. They touch any and everything and everyone. So spreading germs around is extremely easy for them. Especially when one is sick, it seems the sickness spreads like wildfire. Although we can’t 100% prevent them from getting sick, I have found ways to help my little one not to become sick very easily and ways to help prevent him from getting the rest of us sick at home. 

Wash Hands! 

Washing your hands is the most important thing you can do. Like I said they touch everything and everyone so those cute little hands are full of germs. As soon as my son gets home from school, I immediately send him to the bathroom to wash his hands thoroughly before he touches anything or does anything else.

Hand Sanitizer & Wipes

Every school year I make sure to place a travel size hand sanitizer and a pack of wet ones in my sons' backpack for him to use as needed I know your probably thinking that's a bit much but trust me it's not. Teaching your child good habits on how to help protect their selves against germs is a great skill they should learn. Of course, small children will not use these items nor do I recommend giving it to them unless they know exactly how to use them. However, for older children such as mine (7years) or older this is perfectly ok. You will be surprised at how much they love having their products in case they need them. These items are typically available in the classroom as well so don't skip them on the school supply list!

Do Not Touch Your Face

It took a long time, but I think my son is beginning to understand not to touch his face so much. Again, small children are going to touch their face, but as your little ones get older, they will understand more. Remember those hands are full of germs and touching your face or putting hands in their mouth is giving those germs direct access to the body.

Vitamins/ Probiotics

I make sure to give my little ones a multivitamin daily and just recently have been researching probiotics. These things will help keep your child(ren) immune system nice and healthy to be able to fight off those unwanted cooties. I prefer a gummy vitamin for my oldest. For my infant, I use the doctor recommended Enfamil PolyVisol.

Healthy Diet

Junk food has no real nutritional value. We all know what your body consumes is highly important in leading a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to give your littles ones a high-quality diet of fresh foods. Fresh foods will help to boost their immune system. Foods such as cereals, tuna, broccoli, strawberries, or probiotic yogurt are great food full of vitamins your little one needs.


While your body is sleep that is the time your body does its most work to help fight off unwanted things. It is also the time your body recharges to be ready for the next day.

Recommended Sleep Time by Age

Infant- 14 or more hours

Toddler- 11-13 hours

Children 6-13  years-  9-11 hours

Teens 13-18 years- 8-10 hours

Along with theses suggestions you may also opt to get your little one the flu shot. That is a personal choice you will need to decide if it is best for your child(ren).

What do you use to fight the end of year cooties?


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