Kindergarten Sight Words

Kindergarten sight words

I believe in teaching children at a level before them for example, in preschool introduce them to pre-k work, in pre-k introduce them to kindergarten work. Nothing too overwhelming but to make the work familiar to them to A. Keep them on track (or advance) and B. Make it “easier” for the teacher because education is about teamwork. :)

Kindergarten Sight Words

Help your kids memorize sight words by putting them on index cards and letting them learn one by one. Start by going over the words with your child and getting them familiar with each word. Repetition is key. Once you feel like they are ready do a flash card test by holding up each card and letting them identify the word. Give each index card about 5 seconds. Have a right and wrong pile to help determine the words that need more focus. If your child cant identify it by sight, not sounding it out, put it in the wrong pile. Make it fun for your little ones. Encourage them. Turn it into a game. Learning should be FUN. :) Start with list one, when they complete list one move onto list two and so on.


List 1

  • the

  • I

  • to

  • a

  • is

  • my

  • go

  • me

  • like

  • on

  • in

  • we

  • see

  • do

  • you

  • can

  • no

  • at

  • up

  • it

  • and

  • am

  • are

  • for

  • little


LIst 2

  • come

  • look

  • here

  • said

  • play

  • big

  • down

  • this

  • too

  • cat

  • dog

  • mom

  • dad

  • an

  • he

  • into

  • ran

  • good

  • oh

  • have

  • looks

  • likes

  • comes

  • going

  • looking


kindergarten sight words

Sight words are an important component to a balanced approach to literacy. Learning to recognize sight words helps children to become more fluent readers. Waiting can delay your child’s reading at their grade level.

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