Best Teething Toys For Your Baby

So your baby has started teething. They are always biting down or chewing on their hands or anything they can get their hands on. This constant desire to chew is because chewing actually helps to soothe the gums. Babies usually begin teething as early as two months with their first tooth showing around four-six months. Some babies are “late bloomers” and wont get their first tooth until eight months but don’t worry it’s perfectly normal. During this time it can be quite stressful for mom and baby as baby can be constantly uncomfortable and have trouble sleeping or eating. Make sure you have your Teething Survival Kit ready to tackle this milestone.


One thing you need in your kit is a teether. I’m here to give you the best teethers and teething toy options that are perfect, inexpensive, and safe for your baby.

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Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

This multi texture teether is great to help stimulate baby’s gums. Each key contains purICE which allows them to stay cooler longer to help soothe gums. Just pop them in the freezer to chill.


 Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether

You can help your little one soothe those gums all while practicing and teaching good oral hygiene. The banana peel handles help prevent your baby from chocking as well as help with holding the teether on their own. 


Nuby Silicone Teethe-eez Teether

The carrying case is what sold me on this teether. It’s super easy to just toss in my baby’s diaper bag or my purse to pull out for him. The short bristles are great for soothing and stimulating the gums. 


Nuby Teething Mitten

My baby absolutely loves chewing on his hands . By the end of the day his little fingers are pruney from the consistent saliva. I also worry that as teeth comes in he may bite himself. This mitten helps protect  his fingers and give this mama a piece of mind.  


Nuby Teething Sock

If you have a baby who loves their little toes this is a perfect alternative to keep they feet dry and clean while allowing them to still soothe their gums.  


Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

Designed to mimic fingers with a no chocking design. Comotomo Medical grade silicone teether is great for these little ones who tend to chomp on their little hands a lot.  


RaZbaby Raz-berry Silicone Teether

The textured tethered is design to help sooth babies gums while being hands free. It is very similar to a pacifier so great for those early teething stages while baby is still learning to use their hands. 

Remember to always sanitize your baby’s teethers. You can use hot water and antibacterial soap to clean and sterilize by using a bottle sterilizer or placing this in one of these convenient Medela Microwave Sterilizer Bags.

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