Saving Money Mama: Pampers Rewards!

Papmer Rewards

I have always been a fan of Pampers brand diapers since my first son. I have tried plenty of brands out there including cloth diapers, and none of them hold up to Pampers Swaddlers for me. From time to time I will dibble and dabble in other brands ESPECIALLY if I have a coupon for it or on days when money is low. For the most part, Pamper Swaddlers are the ones for my little ones and me.

Pampers Rewards

I am a BIG fan of reward programs because I mean why not rack up on points and receive free stuff and save money if you can. I usually sign up to places or for items I consistently go to or use. After I had my first son and figured Pampers brand diapers were the way to go I instantly downloaded their app.

With me using pamper wipes and diapers my points seem to rack up pretty quick. Especially with all the diapers and wipes, I received at my baby shower (thanks everyone!).

There are plenty of rewards to choose from, things such as sweepstakes, Shutterfly credit, calendars, free diapers, coupons and more! However, I specifically use it for the coupons. With the rewards I have redeems a $10 off, $5 off and a $3 off coupon from them plenty of times Those coupons came in handy on a rainy day.

The best part about it you can redeem rewards during your training pants days as well!

When I gave birth to my second son, I still had points from my first son on my app because the points don’t expire quickly. That’s another plus!

Your Pampers Rewards points will not expire as long as you remain an active member. If your account is inactive for more than 12 months, then you might lose your points. So make sure you enter codes regularly to earn points and enjoy your Pampers Rewards gifts!


If you’re going to buy them why not get rewarded for it, right! What are you waiting for download the app now and start saving!

Pamper Rewards.

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